Dragonfish is committed to our original sound and strive to make the most of each others talent both in studio work and live. We produce music we feel is soulfull yet edgy with an emphasis on strong lyric and vocal.


Dragonfish are a three piece band formed by singer/songwriter Jason Crawford in 2006.After five years in Europe,Crawford returned to Brisbane with plenty of new song material and caught uip with old friend and drummer Chris Cannard, who had also recently returned after two years in South Africa. The pair had been involved in several music projects spanning almost fifteen years,starting in their mid-teens. With a mainly hard rock backround, they changed direction to a more acoustic genre.After several months of collaboration,Dragonfish had found it's direction. In October 2006 Cory Shepherd completed the band.With much enthusiasm he brought his classically trained basslines and soulful notes into the group.Dragonfish have delivered a unique style of music masterfully captured on their debut self-titled E.P. The seven tracks consist of smooth acoustic driven songs,intricate bass lines,rythmic percussion and enriched by the vocal talents of Crawford.Dragonfish has a very distinct sound leaving their audience captivated and wanting more.


Good Feelings

Written By: Jason Crawford

If this feels too good to you,
Can you reveal to me,
All these precious thoughts that you've had?
I believe in all this love you bring.
It holds me high and so much more.

Oh I have good feelings now that I've woken.
Oh I have good feelings and I feel free.

Take my hand, lets take this lovin forth.
Into your eyes I hold my stare.
You and me girl is all that's in my thoughts
And all i know is that you will be mine.


I'm not amazed that this feels so right,
You are the only one that iI crave
You are my life my soul, my only gift
And I'm not afraid to show you this time.


Written By: Jason Crawford

Tonight I hold awake,
I'm seeing some old visions that make me sweat and quake.
I'm fighting off some bright ideas.
They take me back to times I
surrended to my fears.

Sometimes I hold my breath inside
For as long as I can take.
I'm cying out for all that's right.
You know that I can't wait.

I feel that I am whole again
I found that I had known I'd win it in the end.
I'm holding on to my ideals.
The cravings I had known they no longer appeal.

Tonight I hold myself awake.
The visions have subsided,
My mind is mine again.
I'm holding on to my beliefs.
And now I find I'm stronger and feeling much more real.
I'm holding onto I'm fighting back this time.I'm holding onto I finally feel alright.This force that i had,I lost no spirit,I'm crawling back to life . This course that I had I'm crawling back to life.


Dragonfish self-titled EP.Independant-Feb 2007

Set List

Sets are normally 45mins to 75mins
We vary our set list to suit the venue.Chilled songs when required and rock out at larger venues.
no covers.