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Dragonfly is a female-fronted, four piece, rock band, with strong vocals, good harmonies and AWESOME Musicians: it's like Sheryl Crow meeting Tom Petty at a rocking party. Dragonfly gives you rock and blues, covers and originals: all the elements you would want to find in the Sound of Birmingham.



Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, the recently signed rock band, Dragonfly, is ready to book gigs in the Deep South. Not only can this band write and arrange, but they have 100 of the BEST COVERS from the 70s,---and some from the 80s,& 90s. Gigi is well known in Birmingham for her work in indie bands such as Haley-Bopp ("Big Sky" produced by Grammy Winner, Johnny Sandlin) and The Gargoyles. All three of her past bands had label endorsement : all have been local favorites, playing numerous times at regional festivals, such as City Stages (7x) , The Schaefer Crawfish Boil (5x) and The Mobile Bayfest numerous times.
She shared the stage with names like Widespread Panic (also produced by J. Sandlin) and the Indigo girls at huge venues like the local Verizon Amphitheater and at Caesar Palace, Las Vegas, with Crystal Gayle. Dragonfly not only plays original roots-rock songs, but they play COVER music as well. In 2009, they added Don Campbell, a guitar guru returned to Birmingham after years of playing big gigs in the Southwest. That same year, they added drummer Eric Fulgham. To complete the group, Mike Callahan was added in fall of 09. Mike is known in many circles as Birmingham's foremost bassist, and is one of the few who can smoke on a fretless bass. Dragonfly is out to please. They mix and match their selection of over 100 songs to fit YOUR VENUE. They have an awesome P.A. system, and plenty of equipment both large and small: Dragonfly is ready to gig.

Our recent gigs in 2009 include Birmingham's CITY STAGES (go to al.com and look up Dragonfly 09 City Stages): they play awesome clubs like Rouge's Tavern. Dragonfly comes to you courtesy of IKE Records (Instant Karma Experience) but Gigi does most of the booking.
Dragonfly is....
Gigi Scott on lead vocals and electric and acoustic rhythm guitar. (She is the band's songwriter.) Don Campbell is the master guitarist on lead. Mike Callahan is the bassist: he is well known for his work in huge Birmingham bands like the Barking Tribe and Chain Gang. Eric Fulgham is the band's drummer: both Eric and Mike also sing lead and harmonies. They have two AD HOC ONLY musicians: percussionist with the ASO, Jay Burnham. Also, Birmingham guitar teacher and local musician, Ben Trexel is an ad hoc musician who assists at large events. For booking information contact or text Gigi at 205-821-3386 or email at


FYI: Gigi. Don, and Mike, have played many huge gigs and festivals in the last 20 years. They are all experienced and professional musicians who will impress and sound awesome. Music is good times for the crowd, but it's a business with this band. You will be blown away with Dragonfly.

iTunes: Search "Haley Bopp" Gigi's Solo Record

al.com (search Dragonfly City Stages) You will see a recent video clip.


Midnight Train

Written By: Gigi Grimes Scott

Don't get lonely
Don't get the blues
I can't tell if I'm still talking to you
It seems kinda like a dream
Sometimes I wonder
If it's just me
But then I think about visions you see
Locked in a smokey room that burns your eyes
But there's nothing outside
Nothing to try

Wheels turn fast in your brain
Take a shot and ease the pain
Maybe you can find a light on the dark end
You're on the Midnight Train

Don't call late, you don't answer the phone at night
It rings into your dreams
Don't go out, it's such a bore
There's no one out there anymore
They're all consumed with something else like I am
Like I am
Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I grieve
But when I think about visions you see
My screams rise up into a callous sky
And I just scream "why"
And you just like



Summertime Flies

Written By: Gigi Grims Scott


Just a bit of a mixed reaction, but yeah I’m doing fine
Glad that you’d even ask
Glad that you’d take up the time
It’s always kinda strange to see you like
Bigfoot in the woods
I’m not looking for fairly tales
But I’d change the world if I could

Berries on the vine
A bottle of new wine
A rambler’s life was paved
Long before we parted waves

I wonder what really goes on far beyond those walls
Do you still lose time at night
Laughing when coyotes call
I’m hoping that life will treat you to
A big slice of the pie
But there’s nothing for me to hold onto
You’ve ruined too much of my life

Blowing dandelions
Good times, bon ton, good times
Just driving that boat around
It’s a wonder we didn’t drown

It’s always kinda strange to see you
Life Bigfoot in the woods
I’m not looking for fairytales
But I’d change your mind if I could


Fade: It’s summertime, are you still easy

Distant Stars

Written By: Gigi Grimes Scott

Distant Stars

A thousand days ago, before the green moon fell
to the water, like a memory
You gave yourself to me
But the dark clouds took their sail
Calling to you, ancient warrior

Some will come across the oceans
Some will come across the sea
And when they come, we’ll be parted
Distant Stars Collide

Standing in a field, with no moonlight
Hanging down, I call out to you
Mother Mercy
You planted discontent
Now the distant drumbeats wail
Hall of Heroes
Like the Thunder



I gave this sword a name
And I hope it served you well
It has history, Ancient Mother
I walk these paths at night
As the trees shift into fog
Seeing clearly
This has ended


It's A Shame

Written By: Gigi Grimes Scott


I’ve been up, I’ve been down
Trying to get my back against a wall
It’s a joke when you blow smoke
No one seems to know I’m here at all
You leave out, every spring
So you say you’re leaving and so it goes
I know what you’re loving brings
I know when you’re leaving and where you goes

It’s a shame when you lie about it
It’s a shame from the start
So I sit here watching you grow up
Hoping that my life don’t fall apart

When my bus pulled to town
Went out and called up on the phone
I sit down and wait awhile
No one seems to know I’m here at all
No, no one hears me calling beneath
The pale light of company
No, no one sees me calling, beneath the
Pale, pale light of your company

It’s a shame when you’ve got to lie about it
It’s a shame from Astarte
So, I sit here watching you grow up
Watching as my life just falls apart

Two Faces

Written By: Gigi Grimes Scott

Two Faces

You’re been telling stories
Taking pictures in the mud
You talk about this, lie about this
You must think my mind is full of sludge
Do I have to tell you
The bridges that you burned
A greener grass, a wider path
So tell me what did
Your two faces learn?

It’s just storybook you read
It’s just another one in bed
Do you know what you’re about?

Never mind deceiving
You’ve been wasting all my time
Victimized, you rationalize, you agonize
You must be going blind
Now it’s kinda funny
To watch you when you speak
What do they know about your prose
I guess that you’ll explain
Between the sheets

It’s just an easy way to be
You’re just a victim of this thing
Do you know what you’re about

Silly little stores
And you were burned one time
Victimized, you rationalized, you agonized,
You must be going blind
Excuse my flash of anger
But I’m just blown away
By your hidden crimes, your self-made lines
Your Face
That holds two people in its place

Was it something that he said?
Was he a Romeo in bed?
Do you know what you’re about?

I Don't Fit

Written By: Gigi Grimes Scott

I Don’t Fit

I sat back and watched some movies
Everything on my mind
Tried to get some comfort
From the dark sides of their lives

Chorus #1
(See ) I’m lost
I don’t care anymore
I’ve been tossed about
Like rain
I don’t understand
The things that are happening to me
Why somebody asking surprised
Throwing out signals with all of those lies

Chorus#2 (Bridge Chorus)
I don’t fit in here baby
I don’t fit in here baby

Yes, I ‘m just confused
With all the things I see today
Jump into a creek
Or run into a river
And go onto t.v. and say

Chorus #1

Chorus #2

Yes, I’m smart enough to see
The things you want to say
But I don’t give a damn about you
Or the gods that you bow down to

Chorus #1
Chorus #2

I'm So Gothic

Written By: Gigi Grimes Scott

I’m So Gothic

I sat still for seven years
And couldn’t tell who was listening
I just quit the daylight hours
And stayed up nights, staring into space
See me, turn into stone
Spit out, all the poison rain
I just sat here at this church
Plug my ears
I don’t hear the words

I’m so Gothic
I wear black
Slept all through the day, yeah
Now I’ve become a gargoyle

People point as they walk by
But I’m just perched here
For a spectacle
I picked up this old guitar
But someone said
It didn’t match my face
I need to find another crowd
Don’t stare as I’m crawling out
I may spread my wings and fly
Into outer space


See confusion on their faces
When I tell the truth
It’s so strange this place
I’ve found
But I’ve become
A human rock of steel
See me, as I swing the bells
Spit out, all the poison rain
I just sat here at this height
Now I fly
Swiftly in the night



iTunes: search under Haley Bopp (Gigi's Solo Record is there: Big Sky). Look at 5 Star Reviews. 2009

Dragonfly, CD, IKE records, Midnight Train, copyright, 2008.

(Others albums written by Gigi Scott and featuring Gigi Scott)

All Haley Bopp can be purchased on iTunes.

Gigi Scott and Red Rock Junction: "A Sampler" (Streaming), 2006, www.redrockjunction.com
Gigi Scott and Red Rock Junction: "A Sampler"
CD, copyright 2006

Gigi Scott and Haley Bopp: "Big Sky" 10 Song CD on Meteorite Records (Radio Play)
Gigi Scott and Haley Bopp: "Sampler" 5 Song EP on Meteorite Records (Radio Play)

The Gargoyles, featuring Gigi Scott: "Selections"
6 Song EP (Radio Play)

al.com (search dragonfly city stages 09)

Set List

We have cover songs and originals. We change the list to fit the needs of the venue or party.

2 More Bottles of Wine (Delbert McClinton)
Back on The Chain Gang (Pretenders)
Barracuda (Heart)
Been Too Long @ Fair (Bonnie Raitt)
Bobbie McGee (Janis Joplin)
Brass in Pocket (Pretenders)
Call Me the Breeze (Leonard Skynard)
China Grove (Doobie Brothers)
Crazy on You (Heart)
Crazy Train (Ozzy)
Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)
Different Drum (Linda Ronstadt)
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
Dream On (Aerosmith)
Dreamboat Annie (Heart)
Do It Again (Steely Dan)
Don't Go (Led Zepplin)
Favorite Mistake (Cheryl Crow)
Free Falling (Tom Petty)
Get It On (Bang a Gong) T-Rex
Give Me Just One More Reason (Traci Chapman)
Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac)
Hard to Handle (Black Crowes)
Hate Myself for Loving You (Joan Jett)
Heat Wave (Linda Ronstadt)
Heart Breaker (Pat Benatar)
Hit Me with Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar)