Dragons of Wicca

Dragons of Wicca


Wild, very cosmic. Psycho Rock it's a family affair


Sarah guitar playing is loud and crunchy, a self taught power house his influences include Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, His vocals are a sound to be hold, gruff, loud and soft you can hear the emotion behind every song.
Rose plays the flute not a traditional rock instrument but adds an element of surprise to the sound that takes you to places never knew existed.
Nieesy was taught to play drums by Sarah. a.
Trich plays Tamborine.


Freedoms Ransom was released on CDBaby in 2008
now available at target.com and amazon.com

Set List

We don't particularly have specific set, live we are mostly a Jam Band, however we do try to play a few songs from our album like Sweet Dead Girl