Dragon X

Dragon X

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Dragon X is from the South. New Orleans, La is the hometown for him. His style is more on having people understand the song where they can relate to them and at the same time have a style where it's hard to figure out where he is going.


My music is all hip-hop and urban music with different style regions that compress all into one Emcee. My influences is from old school rap from Pac, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, and the present like Eminem and Ludacris. My songs is those types of songs where that they are so true that it is so funny. I hit facts and not opinions. I looked at doing music set back in 1999 when I saw lil wayne on tv, because I went to school with two of the members from cash money. I told myself if he can make so can I.


I have just started out my music. No releases yet.

Set List

12 to 15 songs will be my set.