Clinton Township, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Clinton Township, Michigan, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Hard Rock


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DRAGSAW @ Harpos Concert Theatre

Michigan, United States

Michigan, United States

DRAGSAW @ Diesel Concert Lounge

Chesterfield, Michigan, United States

Chesterfield, Michigan, United States

DRAGSAW @ The Machine Shop

Flint, Michigan, United States

Flint, Michigan, United States


ALLEN PARK, Michigan, United States

ALLEN PARK, Michigan, United States

DRAGSAW @ Bacchus Social Club

Marlette, Michigan, United States

Marlette, Michigan, United States



"Dave's Birthday Thrash Bask at Diesel Concert Lounge Chesterfield, MI"

Here's what Life in Michigan's Chuck Marshall had to say about Dragsaw:
"It has been quite a while since I’ve been able to catch Dragsaw live and they did not disappoint. They fired up the crowd with thick and meaty grooves cultivated for extreme blunt force trauma. As usual, Dragsaw were having as much fun as the audience while playing a great set of hostile jams. Rumor has it that the band is working on recording new music, so keep your ears open." CLICK HERE TO SEE & READ FULL REVIEW" - Chuck Marshall

"RIKKI ROXX interview with DRAGSAW singer and frontman Andrew Madis"

RIKKI ROXX interview from the Diesel Concert Lounge 10 year Anniversary, in Chesterfield, MI. with DRAGSAW singer and frontman Andrew "Andy" Madis. DRAGSAW was Fortunate to HEAT-UP the stage for Critical Bill

Please Visit roxx100.com for full interview and show details - RIKKI ROXX


We'd like to THANK:
All the DRAGSLUTS & DRAGSCHMUCKS new and old, our FRIENDS & FAMILIES for the constant support, all the bands that we've had the PRIVILEGE to share stages with, and all the BARTENDERS and LIQUOR STORE CLERK's that have had the displeasure of dealing with us.
Rachele at C4 Creations for GREAT swag.
Chuck Marshall and Mick McDonald at NRR, Mike Cendro, Howie Herula, John Collier, Pesci. and Phil Winkler.
Paul, Jessie, Snap, Wolf, Shane and the rest of the METALHEADS S/C., Except Logan, FUCK Logan.
and of course Canada (for their beer, whiskey, hockey and all-dresses chips).

All songs written, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered, re-recorded, remixed and remastered by the handsome men of DRAGSAW at FORT KICKASS, located inside the Hive Colony Rehersal Studios, Warren MI
All lyrics written very poorly by Dan Lyjak except:
Lachrymosis (Andrew Madis & Dan Lyjak
10:27a.m. (Brandon B-DAWG Carl)
Otherminor odds and ends that either Andy Madis retouched or Brandon Carl nitpicked and filibustered.
Wicked guitar solo at the end of "Take Your Best Shot" courtesy of Paul Britton.
All album art by DRAGSAW (Independent, Bitchez!)
ANDREW MADIS - Lead Vocals & Cannon Farts
Dan Lyjak - Guitars, Banjo & Keys
Mike Schneider - Bass & Good Looks
Brandon "B-DAWG" Carl - Drums & Better Keys
and Introducing Rich Sieg to re-place B-DAWG on the Kit as of Spring 2018



It pretty much goes without saying that a band usually can't even begin to establish their identity until they have chosen a name for themselves. Before settling on “DRAGSAW” there were a lot of other names in the hat for this particular project. When the group was just a three-piece (still sans vocalist) they briefly were going by the name “Outer Drive” on a couple of online accounts where they were posting listings seeking a frontman.

The name “DRAGSAW” however came about in a peculiar way. Lyjak was driving A company truck at work one day listening to the radio and a Home Depot commercial came on the air advertising their Christmas sale, in which a variety of tools were mentioned including a type of saw that Dan thought would've made a good band name.

Later that night the guys were in B-Dawg's basement recording more demos to show to potential vocalists when the band name discussion came about for the umpteenth time. Lyjak couldn't then recall the name of the saw he had heard about on the radio earlier so he resorted to a list of saw varieties on Wikipedia in an effort to jog his memory. But he stopped his search short when he came across the drag saw, a large mechanical pre WWII era reciprocating saw.

Drawing parallels between the vision for the band and the heavy, old-school piece of machinery, after a while it only made sense to the boys that it should be the band's namesake.

For a band that's been around since 2013 it's fairly impressive to have a perfect record of ZERO show cancellations to date (knock on wood). During the early months of the band's inception they seemed cursed with hardships that would lead most to calling it off on certain given dates, but not this band. Just a couple weeks prior to “DRAGSAW’s” very first scheduled gig guitarist Dan Lyjak was severely injured in an automobile accident, breaking his left leg in three places and causing a great deal of tendon damage in his left wrist. But against his doctor's advisement and even unsure of his own ability to perform he refused to let “DRAGSAW” drop from the lineup. DRAGSAW again conquered the odds when they agreed months in advance to open for “Society Hostile” at the now defunct “Detroit Pub in Clinton Township, MI”, but found out later that Winkler wouldn't be able to perform due to other scheduling conflicts. Instead of canceling, they employed the talents of other respected local vocalists to lend a hand and sing 2-3 songs each to fill the set

“THE INTRODUCTION OF ANDREW MADIS” The past couple months for “DRAGSAW” have been full of uncertainties in the wake of parting with our longtime vocalist Phil Winkler, but in typical “DRAGSAW” fashion we've managed to pull through. We owe a great debt of gratitude to our friend Andrew Mardis for stepping up to the mic on extremely short notice for us and learning our full set so we could keep our perfect record of zero show cancelations alive. Well, in this time working with Andy “DRAGSAW” has become a more productive, much finer tuned machine than ever before. The chemistry is alive, the friendships between members have grown stronger, and we're simply just having more fun being a part of this band than ever before.

"DRAGSAW SUCKS” It is commonplace during a “DRAGSAW” performance for a large portion, if not the entirety of the audience to at one point or another strike up a "DRAGSAW SUCKS!” chant in between songs. This has led to the confusion of some newcomers, but more often to the sheer amusement of most. It's not because the crowd doesn't enjoy the band's set, but rather the opposite as they are familiar with the self deprecating sense of humor that the band projects.

It all technically started when the band's first social media accounts were being created and the Facebook URL was set up as www.facebook.com/dragsaw.suxx in 2013. Crowd participation however began in early 2015 after the band released their new line of merch. When members of the band saw fans in the crowd sporting one of their shirts they would point to the shirt and say something along the lines of "you know that band sucks, right?"
Before long many of “DRAGSAW’S” fans caught the drift and were in on the joke, as it showed at an event called “Brews And Bruise” Fest on April 4th, 2015. The band was in the middle of a roaring set, but when they took a brief moment to tune one member of the crowd (believed to be the magnificent Jimmy Frink) was privy to the inside joke and began the chant. Subsequently when the entire crowd joined in a new tradition was born.
The band has since employed an illuminating sign with the words "DRAGSAW SUCKS” on it that they light up when the crowd begins the chant and they've written an 8 measure interlude that they play to the tempo set by the audience. This has occurred at nearly every show since inception and is always spontaneous.