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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kerrang! 07"

This is what red bull would sound like if it were cool, and erm, audible; high octane rock and roll with drawled female vocals and more sass than a snotty teenager. Brooding magnificence ensues. - Kerrang!

"Rocksound 09"

Step Into the Deathray album review

Susie: "I cant really pick it out, it sounds really fast and loud though, like devil music or something. Is it a woman singing like that?"

Carl "Wow - right in line with the press release through the clear mention of the word devil and/or music! However, whilst Suzie has picked up on the vivid rock-punk energy on offer, her ignorance of the clearly discernable songs when witnessed from the same room lets down her apraisal. It's corniness and catchiness are it's selling points when delivered at such pace and ferocity." - Rocksound


New album out October 2009
Brides of Electric Frankenstein Conformist Records (USA) 2007
Step Into The Deathray album CD Noisemaker Records (Germany) 2006
Narcotic Zombie EP Scruffy Bird Records (UK) 2005
Redneck EP 2004 self released



Formed in 2004 dragSTER have been produced by Rat Scabies, managed by Jah Wobble, toured with countless top name bands and released a critically aclaimed album. US band Pigface were so impressed by lead singer Fi that they asked her to front them on a 40 date tour of the States. The sound that dragSTER try to create is adrenelin fueled rock n roll which makes their stage shows a loud, fast, exciting sexually charged sweat pit that fans always remember. The band write about the late night sci-fi b movies, and 50's horror movies they used to watch after jamming. inspired by bands as diverse as The Cramps, Johnny Cash, the Pixies, the Bronx and Motorhead dragSTER meld these sounds and create their own unique sound.