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Drag Your Heels

London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
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This East London quartet is, well, you know what, here’s how they describe themselves on their facebook page …

New wave rock ‘n’ roll inspired by the blues, 60s girl groups, proto-punk greats and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

That’s pretty apt, if not a little intimidating, and, well, frenetic. Then again, frenetic’s a good word for them too. They kind of remind me of what would happen if The Go-Go’s met up with Frankie Rose. - New Music Michael


“We think it sounds like a more groovy 80s Matchbox B-Line disaster fronted by Debbie Harry - great buzz saw guitars and a real sense of style with this band. It’s obvious that some real training has gone into front-woman Lucy’s voice, and, backed by Tommy Rocket with snarly guitars, it’s the whole package ready to go” - Campari Safari/ Casino Royale


Glam garage rockers Drag Your Heels played a great set and singer Lucy's delicious voice gave the cider a run for its money in the tastiness stakes.

The band are described as "a more groovy Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster fronted by Debbie Harry, with great buzz-saw guitars and a real sense of style..." (Campari Safari)

"With comparisons like that, they must be good!" I hear you cry, and in our wholly unbiased opinion they are, but we're not the only ones: this weekend sees Creatures (a song about the shady characters who lurk around Soho after dark, which the band joke is 'destined to be the soundtrack of a budget horror film') being played in the wee hours of Sunday morning on BBC Introducing: Fresh On The Net with Tom Robinson. - Rokit (London vintage emporium)

"ALEX BAKER - Kerrang! Radio, Q Radio"

"Great in a sweaty live venue because it's music you can actually dance to rather than just mosh/jump around to."
- Alex Baker - Kerrang! Radio, Q Radio

"VON PIP MUSICAL EXPRESS for Tom Robinson's 6music show"

Leather, denim, lipstick and new wave rock 'n' roll... covers all the bases for us. - Von Pip Musical Express for Tom Robinson's 6music show

"PETE DONALDSON - Absolute Radio, XFM"

Reminiscent of the superb Pretty Girls Make Graves, and there can be no finer compliment than that. Pacey, and isn't afraid to let go a bit. - Pete Donaldson - Absolute Radio, XFM


Delicious vocal comes out of the speakers, emblazoned in a wrap of guitar. You remember 'Happy Birthday Mr. President' with Marilyn Monroe? Well this is where I sit: spellbound, mesmerised and intoxicated... [Drag Your Heels' sound] smears like a pillar-box red lipstick across the face: brash, confident and sultry. This is music to share with close friends. - Indie Bands Blog

"THE DEVIL HAS THE BEST TUNA - Glastonbury Emerging Talent judge"

[Post dated Jan 2011] Drag Your Heels are here to remind us all that rock 'n roll is at it's best when it's simple; a true reminder of the power of simplicity. Boy, girl, guitar, drums, vocals, leather jackets and guitars set to scuzz. No unnecessary fillings or extraneous matter. Direct, to the point and right on the money.

[Post dated Feb 2012, writing about HMV Next Big Thing] Drag Your Heels are finally getting the attention that they deserve...Don't forget you heard about them here first! - The Devil Has The Best Tuna (Glastonbury Emerging Talent judge)


Grubby, Crampsian stomp backed with a gutsy female vocal. - Rough Trade

"JIM BENNER - head of events @ MAMA group (HMV Next Big Thing, NME Radar Live)"

As I type this, I am going deaf listening to Drag Your Heels. What a great band! - Jim Benner, head of events @ MAMA group (HMV Next Big Thing, NME Radar Live)

"Lead singer Lucy looked like a film star; an impression that was quickly impressed by a short and snappy, punk opening number"

"Lead singer Lucy looked like a film star, a demure elegance that was highlighted by the large coat with matching fur collars and cuffs. I only mention this, because it made an impression; an impression that was quickly impressed by a short and snappy, punk opening number."
- Surface Unsigned Festival


Debut EP The Black Hearted - Released 16th December 2011. Sold through Rough Trade, Sister Ray, Jumbo and Crash Records. Reviewed by leading music blogs including Pigeons And Planes and The Devil Has the Best Tuna. Received airplay by Von Pip and Tom Robinson on BBC6 Music.

Walk Away - Debut single released in digital format with limited edition vinyl CD's on October 13th 2011. Selected by Emerging Icons for Absolute Radio's 'Unsigned pick of the week'. As played by KUBE radio which streams to 30,000 student radio listeners.

Creatures - Early demo, debuted by Tom Robinson on BBC6 music, plus played live in session for Shoreditch Radio.



Drag Your Heels are Lucy, Tommy, Al and Kevin: a London quartet whose debut EP The Black Hearted caused a stir of online music blog coverage when it was released in December 2011, and saw them named HMV’s Next Big Things in February this year, featuring in a line-up alongside the likes of Emeli Sandé, O. Children, Spector and TOY.

Their confirmed set on the closing night of the festival was subsequently recommended by music magazine, The Fly, as one of its top ten picks in the series of gigs.

Together as a full line-up since February 2011 (though singer Lucy and guitarist Tommy have, in-between other projects, been honing their songwriting prowess together since 2007), the band have been championed by the likes of BBC6 Music, Glastonbury Emerging Talent judge The Devil Has The Best Tuna and iconic London vintage brand Rokit, the latter of whom collaborate with the band on gigs including a rooftop show for Camden Crawl and fashion blogger events at their famous north London warehouse.

Fast developing a loyal following for their frenetic live shows, the four-piece played Dead Space Festival in 2011 (East London's newest festival as championed by Hot Chip), have supported the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Chew Lips and The Priscillas, and were asked to support the legendary Buzzcocks back in January 2011.

Debut EP 'The Black Hearted' was released in December ‘11 with special launches at 1234 Festival HQ and The Hawley Arms, and is available through Rough Trade, Sister Ray, Jumbo and Crash Records.