D-Railed is a modern power rock/metal band that has a huge sound and we blow up every show we play. We have had a huge response to our music on myspace.com. We are very dedicated and ready for new doors to open!


D-Railed was created from a group of high achievers from previous successful local bands. We joined together in hopes of becoming a signed national band. We have been together since October of 2005. In the last year we have conquered the St. Louis music scene. We play at several major clubs around town. We are currently starting our run for the national circuit by playing out around the Midwest.

Our music speaks for itself. We are very original and tight. We have a diversified style that reaches the 12 to 30 demographics. We have our radio commercial songs, heavier songs played at shows, and even a few power ballads for your top 40 radio stations.

One of the most important aspects of D-Railed is our energy. We know how to energize a crowd, both on disc and live. Almost everyone who see’s us or hears us, gets pumped up about our music. You can verify this by coming to one of our shows, which are usually huge, or by reading our comments on our myspace.com page.



This Is Mine

Written By: D-Railed

All I'm Saying
You Can't Break Me
I'm Still standing here on my feet
you try to knock me down
when you swing
open is my soul
you'r going to pay your toll
when you unleash my demons
Now this is mine and I'll take it
Now these are my bonds and I'll break them
Now you can't halt what I'm bringing
you can't stop me
Now I'll raise up and take this
now there is no one to break me
you can't stop me
when you played me
you lost everything
all I see is you go away
You keep coming back to get put in your place

You want to try it, NO

You can't stop this, my own music
when we're fighting. It's this or dying!


LP - D-Railed - Screams Of Innocence - Now Available at Several Outlets in St. Louis MO.
Radio Airplay / Streaming - www.myspace.com
105.7 The Point -St. Louis MO
101 The Buzz in Columbia
93.3X in St. Louis

Set List

All the tracks listed were wrote and have been performed by D-Railed. Our set list varies to the venue that we are playing. Here are songs.

Knocked Out
Dead Inside
Screams of Innocence
Step Down
Reflections of Hate
In My Head
Fade Away
Stand Apart
This Is Mine
What It Means
Your Regrets - (NEW Song)
You Lied
Devil Ride - (NEW Song)
Thru My Eyes
Metal 101