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"The Fallen CD Review"

D-Railed :: The Fallen
CD Review
By Alison

I just received a promotional three song CD from alternative metal band D-Railed titled “The Fallen.” In addition to the title track and first single, songs include “Frontline” and “Gone.” I have to admit, this isn’t normally the style of music that I listen to, so it is a bit hard for me to describe. It’s hard alternative catchy rock with polished vocals and crunchy rhythms.

D-Railed has everything lined up “just right” are on their way to success. It sounds like they should be performing at Ozzfest with bands like System of a Down, Static X and Seether. Keep a lookout for D-Railed on the next major tour and check out D-Railed at www.myspace.com/drailedinstlouis

- All Access Magazine

"The Fallen CD Review"

Review: D-Railed - The Fallen

D-Railed - The Fallen
2009, Code 55 Records

D-Railed is an Alternative Metal band from St. Louis, Missouri that's creating quite the buzz far beyond their local market. Deals with Code 5 Records and MTV Studios, as well as endorsements from Washburn Guitars, Spector Basses and Hartke Amps mark D-Railed as a band on the rise. D-Railed's most recent project is the three song single, Fallen.

The Fallen opens with the title track, a stark modern rocker fueled by a vicious bass and the splendid voice of Tim. The composition here is outstanding, from the bass calisthenics to the vocal harmonies and guitar work. Frontline looks after the effects on individuals of being in battle in vivid terms. The song calls out those in power for putting soldiers in situations that may alter them for the rest of their lives. Gone is a decent tune full of a lot of tension and some serious screaming that runs counter to Tim's lead vocals, but dynamically just doesn't quite stand up to the first two songs on the single.

D-Railed can rock, based on the short sample of songs we heard on The Fallen. Their sound blends Hard Rock and Metal with some of the more Emo tendencies that run through a lot of new "core" genres, establishing D-Railed as sort of a generational bridge between old and new styles. We'd like to hear more to see where D-Railed is headed, but this is a great start.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about D-Railed at www.myspace.com/drailedinstlouis. No purchase information for The Fallen could be located on the web. You can stream songs about D-Railed’s MySpace page. Message them there for information on how to acquire the album if you’re interested - Wildys World

"The Fallen CD Review"

D-Railed – The Fallen EP
December 7th, 2009 | Author: Steve
Band: D-Railed
Album: The Fallen EP
Year: 2009
Label: Code 5 Records

Best Song: Frontline
Score: 7/10

D-Railed is a 5-piece Alternative/Metal band out of St. Louis, MO. I was pleasantly surprised with their three song promo EP “The Fallen.” I was informed about D-Railed by a friend that saw them live a few weeks back. They have recently signed to Code 5 Records and plan on releasing a full-length album in the near future. They also have an eight song EP titled “Screams of Innocence” that was released in 2006.

Getting back to why I was pleasantly surprised. In a genre that is flooded with copycats and posers, D-Railed boasts some excellent vocals coupled with good musicians to back up the vocals. While D-Railed may be a little softer than most of the metal/hardcore/punk bands reviewed on Corezine (for example: Advent, Last View, Before There Was Rosalyn), these dudes are no pansies. In a forthcoming interview with Guitarist Justin Ruesch, you will learn what you might see at a D-Railed concert.

D-Railed mixes mostly clean vocals with some screams thrown in here and there. I have to say that lead vocalist, Tim Standridge, has an excellent voice. This band will remind you a lot of Disturbed, Mudvayne, and Drowning Pool. D-Railed also has a little bit of a 90’s hard rock/alternative sound to them, which is especially appealing to me because that is about the time I really started listening to this type of music. Probably the only downside to this EP is that the songs tend to sound the same after a while.

All in all this is a solid promo EP that I was honored to listen to and give my two cents. D-Railed definitely has the potential to make a name for themselves in this genre. If you are a fan of bands like Disturbed, Mudvayne, and Drowning Pool then you will most definitely want to check out D-Railed. Their music will be available digitally around the beginning of 2010. If you can’t wait, then check out their MySpace page for a concert near you and buy a CD or request them on your local radio station. Stay tuned to Corezine for the upcoming interview I had with Justin Ruesch.


The Fallen
- Corezine


Screams of innocence LP 2006
Several songs were played in St. Louis on 105.7 The Point on the Sunday Night Local Show and Riverfront Radio.com
The Fallen 3 track EP 2009 Reached NO.5 on 96.7 IROCK in Bloomington IL., and along with having two songs in rotation there they also have two in rotation in Farmington NM, on KRWN 92.9 along with the title track in rotation in several other markets across the country.



D-Railed is a hard hitting Alternative Metal Rock Band from St. Louis MO. The band has pounded the central United States with their brand of cutting edge modern metal. They have radio play across the country from working with Protocol Entertainment and an endorsement deal with Washburn guitars and others currently in negotiations. D-Railed has shared the stage with many of todays hottest acts including Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Static-X and many others. Their music is recieving great reviews as being a new sound that bridges old and new metal together to create something fresh.