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Sherwood, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2002

Sherwood, Oregon, United States
Established on Jan, 2002
Band Metal Hard Rock




"Guest Spot"

Guest Spot:
Our own Killer Kitty has been on the prowl finding some great bands in the horror industry! She swears by the band she has chosen to interview and its my pleasure to bring it to ya! Check it out!
Hello all my hell kittens, it's Killer Kittie here with another band you have got to check out. Their name is Drainage X and they are straight out of Las Vegas. There stage appearance, sound and act is creepy awesome and well worth the listen. So get your mosh mood in full affect and get ready for the kick ass sound of Drainage X. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me and the fans of HorrorNews.net.

You guys wear awesome costumes and makeup as part of your gig. Where did you come up with the idea for your style?
We all like horror movies so we took individual styles from different movies , but we have a motto instead of the "wolf in sheep's clothing , "we are sheep in wolf's clothing."
As part of the Las Vegas music scene, what do you find the most challenging?
The scene itself is the hardest to get people too support the locals bands and touring acts. Its been a challenge to overcome the local scene , but we are thankful for the opportunity to strive and continue to do what we love.
Who would you say your biggest influences are in the music and horror genre?
Black Sabbath , Pantera , Judas priest , Alice Cooper.

What would you say is your favorite of all your songs and why?
Dragons Breath its coming out on the new album " End of the World " this summer. This song has great meaning for me about serious things that happened to me as child , and you could say its my plea to God for forgiveness. What is a typical show like?

Pure craziness dancing girls , Zombies , blood , confetti , lights action camera its time to party. We leave a lot of people in awwww.
What made you branch off from the usual band look?
We all are just tired of bands in t-shirts and jeans. We wanted to give a show like the old days people deserve the full effect audio and the visual. Plus we just have a great time performing in character. What is something you would like all of your fans and our readers to know about you guys?
Juggalos , Zombie Riderz , Metal Heads and anybody we left out we love you all. Thanks for all the support we hope we can represent everything you want us to be , stay down , family forever....
Who were your biggest musical influences growing up?
Ozzy , Dio , Dokken , Van Halen , Motley Crue , Pantera , Anthrax , Slayer and 50 style music such as Elvis Presley , Chuck Berry , Little Richard. Is there anything else you would like to add?
Just thanks for the interview we look forward to working with you guys. and again to our fans we love you all family for life m.m.c.l. Thank you again for speaking with us and giving us the chance to experience DrainageX. To hear there music or contact them you can visit their official MySpace page at www.myspace.com/drainagex1.
Until next time my kittens! Go forth and rock. - Killer Kitty of Horronews.net


With melodies, breakdowns and vocals similar to Black Metal, this band is too good to be categorized. Where most extreme metal bands hide behind blast beats and a constant double bass drum, this band goes straight for the throat. Mixing styles from all kinds of metal to form the mold to which they call "Drainage X", the members of this band have a goal of chaos and are well on their way to achieving it. Unlike most black/death metal bands such as Revenge and Houwister where songs sound so alike they get jumbled into a track listing that might as well be one 30 minute song, Drainage X has well written song structures and breakdowns that give each song it's own feel. This is probably due to the bands' long term experience as musicians over the years which is present in all songs. Turn off your radio, stop crying over some crappy emo song and listen to them! I think of them as the pride of the Vegas underground. All hail Drainage X!!! - City Life Magazine

"Tattoo Convention"

I was running late but managed to swing by and see some of the groups performing at the Tattoo Convention. I just missed Clockwise but I saw some guys in full make up, capes and hats putting equipment on stage and I knew I needed to stick around.

Drainage X wasn't just image though. They were a great metal band that could really play. They deserve a lot of credit for the powerful show and effort they put out in their black leather capes and costumes in 100+ degree heat.

They travel in their bus from state to state and live in one place for a year. Las Vegas has them till November. They are Evil Sins on Vocals, Animal on Lead Guitar, Spider on Bass, Rodent on Rhythm Guitar and Snake on Drums. - Vegas Rocks Magazine/Rocktober Edition


"Extreme Metal Blooms in the Underground" by Jarret Keene. This was an article about the "up and coming" local metal scene in Las Vegas, and Rodent (Drainage X's Rhythm Guitarist) was featured on the cover. - City Life Magazine/Cover Picture

"CD Review: Blood On The Cross"

When I took it upon myself to shed a little light on Las Vegas' extreme-metal scene ("Vegas Steel" Nov.11), I knew it was risky. Nothing sucks harder than being buried alive under the weight of hundreds of really awful demos and press kits. With metal, the rules seems to be: the more obscure the band, the better metal it is. Indeed, it was a real struggle to meet up with and catch live performances by two of Vegas' best acts, From the Grave and Guttural Secrete. I can only imagine that the even more-elusive Weirding Way and Avenger of Blood are just as lethal.

One band that has both it's image and it's sound down pat is Drainage X. When all I did was run a photo of these guys in City Life, they reciprocated by dropping by the office in all their face-painted, costume-caped glory. They even gave me a bullet-riddled, blood-spattered, rust-stringed, cigarette-burned, autographed Ibanez guitar in a coffin-shaped case. Normally, I'd be thankful for such a gesture- except that there's no way in hell I'm ever gonna touch that thing.

I did, however, touch Drainage X's album, Blood On The Cross, which judging by the band's over-the-top-look should sound like King Diamond/Kiss/Dimmu Borgir/ insert "powdered-face" band here. Drainage X doesn't sound like any of these. It sounds like Henry Rollins fronting Sabbath.

In other words, Blood On The Cross is suprisingly good. The title track, for instance, is a relentless slamdance igniter, with stoner rock guitar and brawny drums. "Death's Face" and "Space Zombie" meanwhile, are groove-oriented grinders that'll rattle your teeth. Just to prove that they're Sweet Leafers, Drainage does bong hits with "Acoustic Puff" before launching a D&D style instrumental attack called "Mucho Mosh".
Watch out, or you'll be X-ed
JARRET KEENE - City Life Magazine

"Drainage X"

Date: 08.10.06

Artist: Drainage X

"1" Indicates the Lowest Score
"5" Indicates The Highest Score

Recording Quality/Production: 4

Lead Vocals: 3.5 to 4

Musicianship: 4

Lyric Writing: 4

Music Composing: 4

Song Arrangement: 4


Hello Crystel,

Thanks for submitting the material for the evaluation. The grouo has a
strong image
and the guitar and drum work were both outstanding. I'm pretty sure
their live show
is dramatic, powerful and memorable from what I saw online.

Thank you and continued best wishes.

Please extend my best wishes to the bandmembers
as well.

Eugene Foley - Eugene Foley

"Review of "Blood on the Cross"

Review of "Blood on the Cross":
The worst band in America, if not the world!!! Drainage X, on their new CD 'Blood On The Cross', have garnered that title. The first song was somewhat amusing and interesting. From there, the album spirals downward so fast there is no saving it from itself. The song "Acoustic Puff" for instance. This tune is nothing but extremely bad lounge lizard music of the worst order, backed the entire time by bong hits. What I don't get is how the members of Drainage X figure that a really bad acoustic lounge lizard piece of crap belongs on what is supposed to be a Death Metal Album. Speaking of which, Britney Spears could have and would have done a better job laying down a Death Metal Album given the chance, than these guys did, who had the chance and blew it like a 5 dollar whore. Their makeup and look is another story, and a bad one at that. They look like they were trying to look like Dimmu Borgir, but instead they winded up looking like ICP. The vocals are so bad that I would rather listen to nails on a chalk board for an hour. This CD is so atrocious that I cannot even give it 1/10th of 1 out of 5 crypts. However, I can make a recommendation: Let's do the just thing and the humane thing and cremate this CD!!! - Crypt Magazine


2002 Blood Bath
2003 Blood On The Cross
2006 Pain 
2007 End of The World EP
2020 Reborn



Drainage X was started in 2002 by Evil Sins (Earl Simmons) and Mz.Evil (Crystal Simmons) in Lancaster Ca. A few of Crystals co-workers weĆ¢€™re musicians and Evil was looking to join a band. He went and jammed with Animal (William Vafai) Lead Guitar and Spider (Jason Perpich) Bass Player it was magic. The goal of the band was to not only play Killer Metal music but also provide a stage show including Zombies, Vampire Girls, Gullitine blood, face paint and over the top costumes.Soon after writing their 1st album titled Blood Bath they started playing gigs in California while also writing the 2nd album Blood on the Cross. They played shows all over California including LA at the Whisky A Go Go. In 2002 they received an award for Best Metal Band from The New York International Music Fest and Best Metal Band from a contest held by the Press Box in Anaheim. Shortly after that the band moved to Las Vegas which remained their home for the next 8 years. Las Vegas is where they met Rodent (Anthony Flotran)  and he became the 2nd guitarist. The band helped to create a bigger local music scene in Vegas by bringing the local musicians together and working as a unit. In 2004 the band was able to play the Gathering of The Juggalos with ICP and many different artists from Tech9 to Gwar. They also did the PHAT tour with Jumpsteady, ABK, Esham and Blaze You Dead Homie.  In 2006 Drainage X toured with ICP during the Hallowicked tour while also writing and recording their 3rd album Pain. Their 3rd album was recorded and engineered by Tom Parham who worked with Sublime on their platinum Album as well as Five Finger Death Punch.  In 2007 the band received a personal signature Zack Wyld signed guitar presented by Zack Wyld for winning a Black Sabbath cover contest. In 2008 and 2009 the band returned to the Gathering and toured again with ICP for the Hallowicked tour. Also in 2010 the band received an Award for Best Shock Rock Band from The Vegas Rocks Music Awards. In 2011 members decided to go separate ways. At that time Evil and Crystal moved to Sherwood Oregon with the intentions of continuing the band no matter who was in it. In 2013 they started writing again and playing a few shows here and there due to the lack of a drummer. At the time Crystal and Evil also started their own company to make the band Independent. In 2019 they met Oogie Boogie Kelly Griffiths) who is there current drummer. The band also added Toxic (Andrew Phillips) as a bass player. Currently as of 2020 they are writing a new album set to be released by summer called Reborn. Drainage X are now playing gigs in Oregon and Washington with hopes to tour in the near future. Regardless Drainage X is a force to be reckoned with and some of the most dedicated musicians around. Some of the bands they have played with include ICP, Ice T, Ice Cube, Gwar, Green Jello, Cattle Decapation, Hemlock, Otep, Prong, Andrew WK, Afroman, Tech 9 and all Psychopathic Records Artist and many others. Over the past 19 years the band has played over a 1000 shows all over the US. Drainage X ruining your life since 2002.