drakes hotel

drakes hotel


Nomadic Husband and wife duo. utilizes vintage drum machines, modern drum loops, bass and unique guitar tunings and effects to create sonically ingenius tunes. Bold and Cinematic in scope. Lyrically brilliant with Striking and daring vocals. Packed with a fortress of guitar and voice.


About The Newest 2009 release from Drakes Hotel :“Sparks That March” is the third release by the nomadic husband and wife duo Drakes Hotel. This new disc was written while traveling throughout the U.S in support of their previous disc “Tell Me Everything” and was recorded in Omaha Nebraska and in the heart of Iowa at their family farm house. Boldness and confidence are apparent from the first song. The cinematic tunes take cues from 80’s Post-Punk and 90’s Shoegaze, with inspirations drawn from a host of bands from those eras and beyond. DH captures the spirit of these inspirations and updates the sound for today without falling into nostalgia or a rehashing of the past. Amy Drake’s lyrics tackle big issues while retaining a human and personal touch. It’s a disc overflowing with sonic ingenuity and lyrical brilliance, making it a bracing and exciting listening experience. With bold production by Chris Y, they have created their own unique style and sound. Combining their signature vintage drum machines and modern drum loops with a fortress of guitars and voice, they have delivered a collection of songs whose vision should rank them with todays new modern music heroes.


Chains For Two : 2005 -- Self released
Tell Me Everything : 2007 -- Reverb Records
Sparks That March : 2009 -- Self released

Set List

Typical set is from 6 to 12 songs. Songs from 2007's "Tell Me Everything" and 2009's "Sparks That March". NO Covers. 30 - 50 minutes