Drake Witham

Drake Witham

 Culver City, California, USA

Drake Witham, a former award winning journalist, originally from Virginia, who gave it all up for a life of wry wittty stand up comedy. His point of view is fresh, direct and to the point. He was recently seen on Comedy Central's new show "Live at Gotham." Get ready to Laugh!


Drake Witham's comedy career began at an office Christmas party in a room filled with 200 co-workers. He had them all laughing with devastating impressions of his editors and criticisms of his employer, the Dallas Morning News.

The editors weren't necessarily amused.

It was then that Witham decided it was time to leave journalism behind. Within six months he was in Los Angeles, wowing audiences with his deadpan delivery and razor-sharp wit.

An award-winning journalist, Witham always enjoyed making co-workers laugh. He once organized "pager races" in which two competitors set their rigs to vibrate and dialed furiously, trying to move them to the finish line.

He pulls his humor from growing up in northern Virginia, his Irish-Catholic mother, his drama professor father and being the younger brother of a Navy SEAL. Much of his material comes from the working world where has toiled not only as journalist but as a temp, an SAT proctor and even as a berry picker.

A graduate of the University of Washington, where he was the editor of the "UW Daily," Witham has performed at the Hollywood and Irvine Improvs, the Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, and the Ice House. We was the winner of the 2003 Seattle International Comedy Competition and regularly tours Iraq and Afghanistan entertaining the troops.

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1 Hour Headline Comedy Set