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"Snoop Dogg's Aunt, Daz Dillinger's Mother - Dr. Allean Varnado Lang"

Hip Hop Blue-Blood Mother of Daz Dillinger, Aunt of Snoop Dogg Dr. Varnado makes a pledge to help the Hip Hop community.

Dr Varnado is committed to helping those artists who have "broken spirits" to receive the peace of mind of having faith in a higher being. Dr. Varnado explains, "My generation has to get out of the church and into the community. We can't turn our noses up at this generation we have to help them, we should be committed to helping them." Dr. Varnado continues, "I know that it is a struggle but I am committed to help those who are in need who have been molested, who have been abused, who have been peer pressured into a gang and so forth."

Dr. Varnado is committed to helping raise the esteem of the Hip Hop generation especially. Dr Varnado explains, "I listen to these lyrics and it's basically stemming from self-hatred. We have to stop this self hatred and it comes from us as Black people not believing we are beautiful." Dr. Varnado reveals, "So I started a 'Because I don't look like you doesn't mean I am ugly campaign". Stacey Reynold explains, " I totally believe in what Dr. Varnado is doing because our children watch videos in the hip hop industry and half of those people have tons of make up on or are airbrushed and it is simply not realistic and then they go to school and their peers judge each other based on that unrealistic standard." Reynolds continues, "There are plenty of people who have murdered, stolen, abused another simply because they believed the damaging words that their parents or peers have told them. At that point ones self esteem is totally shot. You can't expect a clear picture out of damaged lenses".

I totally believe in what Dr. Varnado is doing because our children watch videos in the hip hop industry and half of those people have tons of make up on or are airbrushed and it is simply not realistic and then they go to school and their peers judge each other based on that unrealistic standard.
The question that Dr. Varnado asks every time, "Before Kanye was it popular to rap about Jesus? After Kanye West will someone else dare to do it?"

Dr Varnado is a powerful speaker and spiritual guide for the youth. Dr. Varnado's fiery testimony and wonderful singing can also be found on Gods Army Reserves. Join her as she helps fill the void in so many lives who were challenged by adversity: child molestation, rape, terminal illnesses, abuse, emotional turmoil, low self esteem. Her teachings her words are so commanding so powerful that you walk away feeling refreshed and more connected to the Creator. She helps you align to that power that you have within you. She could be considered a Hip Hop blue blood. Her son is the multi-platinum artist producer Daz Dillinger and her nephew is rap star Snoop Dogg. She is also no stranger to the music world, as she has worked for phenomenal stars such as Bobby Blue Bland. Dr. Allean Varnando is an evangelist, singer, author, songwriter, Bible instructor and a true instrument for delivering the power words that God so often tries to tells us but we choose to ignore.

While often times ministries can be She has such a hip spirit to connect and relate to young people all over the world. She has the quick wit of any comedian and the ability to go beneath the surface of any circumstance to heal you with the power of God. Her quick wit, creativity and humor keeps the youth laughing as she ministers and reveals new methods and ways to find the right connection with the Creator. She makes it clear that God is not some far away thing but a reality that all of us have access to. Her many years of experience in the Juvenile Court System in California and Psyche Counselor in Oklahoma with youth has given her the insight on various issues that plague teenagers that adults often time forget after they reach a certain age. Dr. Varnado has appeared in Sister to Sister, Philadelphia Newspaper, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and countless other television and media outlets to share a step by step program to adhere to having a better sense of self. Is the past robbing you from the ability to receive goodness in your present? Are you unknowingly being peer pressured? Do you want to remove yourself from negative elements and people but need just an encouraging word and testimony to help? Dr. Varnado has the answer.

The question that Dr. Varnado asks every time, "Before Kanye was it popular to rap about Jesus? After Kanye West will someone else dare to do it?"
- Los Angeles, Calif. (PRWEB)


Thursday, June 21, 2007

By Talia Ashley
HHM Features Writer

People often wonder what Mothers of today's hip hop artists think. Here's the chance to find out, on a consistent-basis. The African Proverb states, ?gIt takes a village to raise a child.?h There are women who take this quote to heart and have decided to act upon it. As a result, the Mothers of the Hip Hop Generation organization has taken root. MHHG or Hip Hop Mommas, as they are affectionately called, are both proud and enthused to take on the challenge of increasing the quality of life for young people, as they are truly our future.

The Mothers of the Hip Hop Generation is an organization created to streamline and place images and lyrics received in hip-hop and other hip-hop influences in perspective, for the audience. But also, they are not only going to hold conferences and speak, but they are also going to be a full service grassroots organization.

The Mothers of the Hip Hop Generation is not an organization created to attack the hip hop industry. The organization is founded on principles of help. The focus is not on the industry, nor the media. The organization?fs pillars are centered on aiding the audience and generation, most influenced by the messages provided by any and all of the ideas generated by hip hop, as a culture.

The Mothers of the Hip Hop Generation is a grassroots organization. We are an international school system, prepared to not only aid in rationalizing issues raised and creating problems for youth, guardians, and others in need, but we also take on the responsibility of providing a working-curriculum to help youth spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and socially.

MHHG will host a Motherboard on-line network; establish a (Generational) G-Chat line and On-line network. Mothers of the Hip Hop Generation has partnered with Howard University, Darton College of Albany, Georgia, and other institutions across the nation, along with school county and city systems across the country.

The founders are:

Ms. Cecillia "Ms. CeCe" Morris, Youth Mentor, Veteran On-Air Personality for WQVE Radio (http://www.wqvealbany.com/), Health Educator - Cousin to T-Pain and Cousin to Daz Dillinger, by marriage.

Ms. Aliyah Najm "Momma Pain", Youth Mentor, Founder of Goldfire Entertainment, Mother to Rap Artist / Singer, T-Pain.

Dr. Allean Varnado "Dr. Allean", Youth Mentor, Evangelist, Gospel Singer, Mother of Rapper/Producer Daz Dillinger of the Dogg Pound, Aunt of Hip Hop Icon Snoop Dogg.

They are quickly getting a lot of support from Executives in the Music Industry, Several Key Hip Hop and Rap artists, and Key Politicians.

RapperTrick Daddy has just signed on to be a major part of the organization. Other artists and rappers in support include T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Mr. Serv-On formerly of No Limit Records, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Rampage, formerly of the Flipmode Squad, the Afroflow Tour starring Mike-E, of Def Poetry Jam, Dr. Roxanne Shante` and others.

Roberta Shields, Mother of Ludacris, and Sonja Norwood, Mother of Brandy and Ray-J, are in staunch support of the Hip Hop Mommas. And the list of artists, mothers, educational and entertainment executives, and other people from all walks of life grows seemingly every minute.

Additionally, other Mothers of Hip Hop and R&B Artists will be getting involved. This information will be leaked in the next few weeks via mass media.

For more information, please visit: http://www.myspace.com/hiphopmommas

About The Writer: Talia Ashley is a college professor, youth mentor, and a contractor within the entertainment industry. She is also a co-founder of Mothers of the Hip Hop Generation. Talia can be reached at taliaeashley@yahoo.com.

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SEOUL, S. Korea – July 24, 2008 (http://www.hiphopgrowsup.com) HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to closing the gaps in education, between parents/guardians, youth, and educators. It is also formed to help youth better prioritize images and words they receive from entertainment, and to greatly enhance the self-esteem within youth.

The HHGU alliance with Bruce George, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam, to head the HHGU Literary Wing was happily announced last week. Additionally, HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc. is very pleased to reveal the union with two exceptional women of God to work with the Spiritual Wing of HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc.

“It is our esteemed pleasure to announce that, in conjunction to formulating a literary wing, we have added a spiritual wing, which includes two anointed women of God: Dr. Allean Varnado and Dr. Yvonne Cole,” as stated by Talia Ashley, Co-Founder of HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc.

“Having a divine connection to God is far too important to the growth and transformation of our youth and to HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc.,” says Ms. CeCe Morris, Co-founder of HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc.

Dr. Allean Varnado is a dynamic Evangelist who has a heart to minister to families and young people. She also has a special intuitiveness with young people and their families, because of her quick wit and humor, to keep them laughing as she ministers to them.

Dr. Varnado is mother of rapper/producer/songwriter/ Record Label Executive, Daz Dillinger, of the Hip Hop group The Dogg Pound and Aunt of the Superstar Sensation of Hip Hop and Entertainment Snoop Dogg.

Dr. Yvonne Cole is a remarkable woman of God, as an Evangelist, Gospel Singer, and Speaker. As a prophet of the Lord, Dr. Cole ministers to youth across the country. Her humble and sincere approach to youth is inspiring to see. Dr. Yvonne Cole is mother of Shun alias NUTTSO, who was hand-chosen by the late, great Tupac Shakur, of his group “The Outlaws.” And she is also the adopted mother of Superstar R&B Sensation, Keyshia Cole.

“As an Educator, Evangelist, Singer/songwriter, I am delighted to be a part of HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc. I want to see first above all things, HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc., train youth to put God and His word first and make sure that they know, you want to be able to grow up spiritually and educationally. We want the youth to find out who they are in Christ. Then they will know that no man can stand in the way, of getting what God has provided for them through Jesus Christ. We want them educated. It is very important that they get the best. .” – Dr. Allean Varnado

“I am so glad to partner with HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc. As a minister, I see the challenge our kids face today. I feel our kids want some one to hear them and HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc. is that ear. If the elders don’t hear the kids, then who will?” – Dr. Yvonne Cole
Changing blood types,
T H I N K | C H A N G E
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Still working on that hot first release.



A dynamic and anointed woman, Dr. Allean Varnado Lang is an evangelist, singer, author, songwriter, Bible instructor, and a fireball for God. She has a heart to minister to families and young people. She is also married to Dr. Marvel Lang, an ordained Minister / Singer, and Professor at Michigan State University.

Allean has a special way with youths and their family. Her creativity, quick wit, and humor keep them laughing as she ministers the truth of the Bible. She does ministry in Fine Arts (theatrical and worship dance, flag and banner ministry). She has many years of experience working with youth : in the Junvenile Court System and schools in California, with gangs; as a Youth Guidance Specialist and Psych Counselor in Oklahoma with youth and children; and as a Youth Pastor for six years in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Varnado Lang wants all people to understand that Jesus is not some far away thing, but He is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother, and a very present help in time of trouble.

Allean knows the power of God. The Lord delivered her from an abusive past, and He healed her of cancer on August 8, 1985. Time and time again, she has watched God perform His Word on her behalf. She loves God and His word, and she lives it.

B.S. in Social Studies and History from Jackson State University.
M.A. and Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, Sacred Music and Ministry from Friends International Christian University.
Graduate of Rhema Bible training center and Roger Cable Television Ministry.
Teacher in Bible Institute and School of the Bible for nine years.

Ordained minister since 1992 with Faith Christian Fellowship International Church, Inc., in Tulsa, Oklahoma, under the leadership of Pat Harrison, Founder and President.

Featured in the Sister to Sister magazine, Editor, Jamie Foster Brown.
Featured in the Philadelphia Newspaper, Editor, James Spady.
Appeared in Late Skate TV program with Host, Jacque McDaniel.
Appeared on LESEA Alive TV with Host, Dr. Lester Sumrall.
Appeared on the Love Abounding TV program with Host, Emmett Spencer.
Participated in Standing on the Rock, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN Channel 40) with Host, Jeff Fenholt.
Participated in the Voice of Goodwill WLBT Channel 3 TV with Host, Rev. Nathan Wheeler.
Traveled as a USO singer with the Navy Ethnic Program, visiting Barber Point, Pear-Harbor, Diamond Head, Honolulu, Midway Island, Guam, Okinawa, Tokyo, and Anchorage and Adak, Alaska.
Heidelberg, Germany J.W.O.C. - Pastors Elisha and Phyllis Lawson
Bobby Jones' New Artist Showcase (September 2004)
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) television, Memphis, Tennessee.
Throneroom Trust Ministries, Abuja & Kafanchan, Nigeria Africa (Apostle Emmanuel Kure, General Overseer).
Cynthia and Friends Television (Word Network).