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What i can do.

1.To make music or more exactly to create feelings and associations in people’s minds with a help of sounds.
2.To write  an original melody, either along with a finally edited movie  or independently. The next step is to harmonize it.

3.Using sound libraries and computer we turn this melody into the awesomely arranged sound flow.  Also we have a wide range of choice in music styles: from classical to ethnic.

4.To print notes of the arrangement and record an orchestra.

5.To organize all stated above  into the one authentic creative process in which         the best composers and arrangers would work over the music. All these people are high-class professionals with huge experience and their own multiple credits. I always try to cooperate  with the best specialists only, who eventually form what i call my team.


Often it is very difficult to find a place for your own genuine creativity expression as long as you are  in partnership and business, where almost everything is measured with money. Cause creativity is the process, which implies the presence of human factor. It is, in fact the absolute embodiment of human factor itself.

I usually look for the most  appropriate motivation to suit people i work with. And, as a rule, i do find it. During my 10 -year experience i managed to find the right techniques in this delicate question. The great thing is not to go to extremes.


I was, am and i always will be influenced by music of  Antonio Vivaldi, Ludwig van Beethoven, Piotr Tchaikovsky, Johann Sebastian Bach and some other classical composers.

I was as well considerably influenced by a contemporary american composer and arranger   
James Newton Howard. This is him who is the author of the music which once inspired me to write and love classical music work.

My goals.

Along with a director and a scriptwriter i aim to touch the right chords of an audience. And use them to play the most beautiful music ever. This is the main purpose of mine and of all people i work with - authors, producers, writers, composers...

However this world changes, whatever the music becomes, it will always make people laugh and cry, sad and happy... As it did in past, present and will do at all times...

What I am.

I am one of the arrangers, who by the age 30 has successfully worked with almost every performing singer in the country, with the most famous, middling, and young rising stars among them.

As a composer I am one of those who has written few things, but all of them are in the “top ten”.