Dramatic Sin

Dramatic Sin


Dramatic Sin's music came out as an experiment before 10 years. Now the band's is making music to enhance pictures and situation that is concerned tp be 'problems of this modern life' we live,and with various influences from the avant-garde alternative music scene, we try to make good music.


Dramatic Sin are George Nikoglou and Nick Baferas ,a duo with various influences in the musical approach and through the years. By the time of Millenioum the band was in pure experiment of the music ideas with a computer-based studio, but years after the music was getting more deep and subtract with a composing style from the modern and alternative aspect of music.Full songs came out, a release in ITunes music Store across the U.S and Europe, with 'Until I was No More' album.
In present, Dramatic Sin are exposed with 'A Chance To Love' E.P, which includes the ideas and songs of the last year. Recording new music in a regular basis program is one of the main plans of Dramatic Sin who wants to share with other musicians around the world,not only the listening experience but also the performance of the songs we compose. So anyone artist who wants to perform and distribute our songs is well come. New E.P's will come soon in the future in different maybe or quite similar music influences.

Music&Lyrics by G.Nikoglou-N.Baferas

Session Musicians: Ilias Iovis,Guitar, Thanos Tselebis, Drums


Until I Was No More album came in 2006 and is available through Itunes Music Store in U.S and Europe

Next the 'A Chance To Love' E.P. in 2008 that is a promo for the second album coming this year and is available through Jamendo for streaming or even download

Set List

We play our original stuff with no cover songs.This is something like the philosophy of our band. We try after the 2006 gigs,to change the songs we play with the new ones that is more inspiring and more closely to our musical approach