Drane U.

Drane U.


Smokin', hard-driving Nirvana tribute band with big vocals and hard-hitting drummer that also covers lesser-known Cobain songs with added self-written harmonies that make the sound fuller.


Our purpose is to bring to an audience the music of Kurt Cobain as authentically as possible, especially the difficult vocal parts. We play loud and thumping.
But we also want people to hear the inherent pop melodies that Cobain was an expert at in writing. Most people are familiar with just a handful of Nirvana songs, but the band recorded a huge number of catchy, powerful tunes that most listeners have never heard. And Cobain himself recorded many songs by himself which we have turned into full-fledged rock songs.


We were streamed live from Arlene's Grocery on March 5th, 2008. No releases yet.

Set List

In Bloom, Breed, Lithium, Floyd the Barber, Scoff, Negative Creep, School, Teen Spirit, Tourettes, Scentless Apprentice, Come As You Are, Polly, Territorial Pissings, Lounge Act, Stay Away, On A Plain, Something In The Way, Dumb, Milk It,
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, All Apologies, Been A Son, Beeswax, Aneurysm, About A Girl, Love Buzz, Sappy, Mrs. Butterworth, Old Age, Oh, The Guilt, Marigolds