Dr Asimov

Dr Asimov


Thick gnarly bass and searing leads. Aggressive grooves and off-kilter dynamics. You won't know whether to dance, stare, or headbang.


We're a frankenstein rock outfit- patched together haphazardly and with a little myth and electricity to give us life. we draw inspiration from punk, psychedelic, and rock ideologies- as well as from science fiction novels. We have a healthy DIY attitude and love to play, for both ourselves and the crowd.


5.25" [EP] - 3 songs (2008)
Took a Cure - 8 songs (2009)
Fish & Onions+ [EP] - 5 songs (to be completed march 2010)

Set List

We do all original material in one set with no encore (unless they ask for it of course)- the set is typically 30-40min long and songs could be any of these:

-Technological Romance in the Year 3012
-The Big Ugly
-Witch Lover
-Eye Can Sea Space
-Fish & Onions
usually the set includes an intro and maybe a segue somewhere in the middle.

we're always working on new material, so this will always change.