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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review- Took a Cure"

"Took a Cure, Dr. Asimov’s latest release, is a good icon for Murfreesboro bands..."

"Tracks like “Mind(v.C)” have an intensity that reminds me of grunge rock with a little sprinkle of prog. sensibility. The last song on the album, “TinMan,” follows suit and has a melding of repetitive rock riffs played by dueling bass guitars and splashes of melancholic vocals that graduate to a full on up tempo dance rock scream fest that drops back and forth and kicks back with a sludgy outro leaving you to question what just happened. It’s like you know what you are listening to when you listen to Dr. Asimov, but you don’t know what to think when you are done."

"The recording/production on Took a Cure captures every nuance of Dr. Asimov’s sound. "

"If you are into Primus or Korn, you might find something in Dr. Asimov that you like. If you are into early Nirvana or Local H, you will see some similarities. If you are into your local music scene, help these guys out and get a copy of Took a Cure and see what it does to you."
- The Murfreesboro Pulse

"Musicians Share Creations"

"Three-piece Dr. Asimov then took the stage. If you’ve ever wanted to see a group that features one bassist performing some talk box effects while the other bassist is rocking out on his four string as well, playing some distorted patterns and wearing a colorful mask in the vein of the Scarecrow, or Slipknot maybe . . ., then Dr. Asimov is your band."

"The group, made up of bassists Andrew Currey and Asher Johnson and drummer Ben Johnson, explores the range of sounds that can come from the electric bass, from feedback to flange to fuzz; I love the tapping. I’ve never heard the instrument make all of the sounds of Dr. A." - The Murfreesboro Pulse


5.25" [EP] - 3 songs (2008)
Took a Cure - 8 songs (2009)
Fish & Onions+ [EP] - 5 songs (to be completed march 2010)



We're a frankenstein rock outfit- patched together haphazardly and with a little myth and electricity to give us life. we draw inspiration from punk, psychedelic, and rock ideologies- as well as from science fiction novels. We have a healthy DIY attitude and love to play, for both ourselves and the crowd.