Our sound is an eclectic mix of Metal, Jazz, Rock, Classical, and Blues. One might think that all of this clashes but we make it work! Our sound fluctuates from song to song while attaining the characteristics that gives us a definable sound.


Our music keeps the listener on their toes. There are many things to listen for in each song leaving the listener to keep coming back. We thrive on complexity and simplicity at the same time allowing us to communicate our music and cultivate their ears. Some of our many influeces include: Muse, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles. Our sound is fresh and ever-changing. With consonant and experimental sounds forging our music, there are no boundaries. Fate brought us together.


Drasis EP: 1) Chymera 2) Disseminate 3) 1 in 7 4) March of the Hypocrites

Set List

Set list avg. of 45mins.
Song list avg. of 8 songs.
Previous covers: Muse - Micro Cuts
Tool - Lateralus
Genesis - Land of Confusion