Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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DRASTIC is the epitome of the Midwest sound. His style is raw, rare, versatile, and unique. His voice is distinct. He makes "built from the ground up" music that anyone on a grind can relate to. Life is not a game so "Stop Playin' Wit Em!!!!!!!!"


The City’s-proclaimed “Cleveland’s Hope” is certain that Hip-Hop has a spot for him. He has
seen it change into a multi-million dollar industry right before his eyes. Some of the same artists that he grew up listening to have become wealthy Hip Hop legends. DRASTIC has intentions of doing the same. His catch phrase is “Stop Playin Wit Em!!!!!!!! “ DRASTIC states, “I yell this out on record for all the people that are playing with Hip Hop music. I appreciate the culture and when I get on the MIC it’s not a game. Stating the phrase keeps me aware and on-point anytime I deliver on record. I take this music too serious to half-step it when I rep it”. At 6’4” with the ability to switch his flow from a fiery lyricist to a sophisticated Young Black Male, DRASTIC embodies Cleveland Hip-Hop. His deeper vocal tone is used as an instrument that blends in well on the track. By deciding to take the road less traveled he creates music that doesn’t always focus on negativity as the selling factor.

DRASTIC also manages to run his own imprint called "AWHIN Entertainment", which stands for All We Have Is Now. DRASTIC states, "People always ask me what kind of artist am I. I tell em I’m a "Young Black Male". What I’ve seen in life motivates my lyrics. I’m promoting my lifestyle and anyone who can relate will appreciate. I’ve done my homework, and I know that the people feel my message. I’m confident that with the right machine I can have a lasting effect on Hip-Hop. I’ve accomplished things on the underground scene and now I am prepared to take it to that next level”. Industry, are you prepared? If not, Stop Playin Wit Em!!!!!!!!


DRASTIC has been in two independent Hip-Hop films. The first was Hip Hop 4 Life. It landed a spot in the Acapulco Film Festival. The second film, a documentary called Hip-Hop Battle: Detroit vs. Cleveland featured DRASTIC as a standout up and coming emcee. It can be rented at chain video stores or from Netflix.com. DRASTIC was the first Ohio Spit Boxing champ in 2002. He was the poster boy for this part of Cleveland Hip-Hop culture for years. On July 11, 2003 DRASTIC battled during the “Rock the Mic” tour. He held court in front of thousands of people after 50 cent’s set and before Jay Z’s. Deciding to fully focus on being a recording artist, DRASTIC released 3 mixtapes: (DRASTIC is...Cleveland's Hope, They Should've Known Better (TSKB), and Everybody Raps (But Not Like Me.) DRASTIC released the Stralbum Stop Playin Wit Em!!!!!!!! (SPWE) as well as his ode to the "Golden Era" of Hip Hop called "Back to the Essence." In 2011 DRASTIC returned to his roots by releasing “Cleveland’s Hope II” which has collected a combined 8,000 views and counting. It is his best received project thus far.

DRASTIC was also featured in a July 2009 Issue of Murder Dog Magazine where his name graced the cover. (Link Here) http://my.texterity.com/murderdogmagazine/200907/#pg48 DRASTIC has performed hundreds of times in his region as well as Michigan and New York. He has opened up for Emcees like the Boot Camp Clik, Young Buck, and Copywrite, and most recently Stalley. For more on DRASTIC refer to his Press Kit Info.


2003: DRASTIC was featured on the late Proof's record Ride Out
2004: DRASTIC Is... CLEVELAND's HOPE (debut solo mixtape)
2005: TSKB (They Should've Known Better) (2nd mixtape)
2006: Get It In/ Pushin' Buttons Maxi Single
2007: SPWE (Stop Playin' Wit Em!!!!!!!!) (Street Album)
2008:Everybody Raps (But Not Like Me) (3rd Mixtape)
2010: BACK To The Essence (2nd Street Album)
2011: DRASTIC Is Still...CLEVELAND's HOPE (Street Album)