Dr Atomic

Dr Atomic


Dr Atomic is searching for the mystery hidden in the quantum wave/particle dilemma - are we indeed headed for disaster? Total global ecocide? Or is this our greatest hope for complete transformation as a species? These are Atomic's themes. The beats are just as rockin.


No one is quite sure where the Atomic Myth begins... Was he part of mutant experiments at Los Alamos? Genetically engineered underground at Groom Lake, aka Dreamland? Or just some punk who grew up in the suburbs in Colorado?


Current Storm

Written By: Dr Atomic

I can see the shadow now
gently made by the clouds
I can feel the angel there
as I take flight into the air

the dreams become just as real
as waking life behind the veil
bold in your lucidity
you vanquish all captivity

it is time for destiny's
sword to finally come unsheathed
it will slice down heart + home
as forest fires clear for new growth

there is only one shield
to save you from the angel's steel
you must purify your heart
and forgive the source of your scars

everything will change in time
a massive shift was prophesied
the current will sweep all away
but harder still to those in chains

if you're not bound to shadow dreams
but live in the evidence unseen
then the tide will bring calm resolve
and the crashing waves will cleanse your thoughts

for you will know a greater peace
and what all of these changes mean
you will see the evil ones
lost in separation

and know that chaos has its way
to bring about more ordered states
and if you survive the current storm
then you will live to see the end of war

Time Machine

Written By: Dr Atomic

my car is a time machine
goes from a to z at light speed

so this is life, upon the screen
made of coldest chrome, bright plastic sheen

our food grows, in a bubble town
made of chemicals and oil from the ground

can you see the world behind the sun?
for this is maya-illusion

the pixel paints a pen, with no easy way out
we're lost in wonderland
but you can eat your way down
there's no more king to crown
but he's still in our cells
hard crash the underground
b4 the final berg melts

my star is a private dream
no one knows what these eyes have seen
so this is life, upon the screen
made of pixel drones and happiness machines


New CD - Hallucignosis releasing September 15th, 2007.