DRAVEN sound like "A sprawling cinematic epic. Half cowboy bar-brawl and half Monsters Of Rock arena smasher!" Classic Rock Magazine. Associated press have them as "Muse jamming with Led Zeppelin!" or "leather fitted dust-rock, star chasers!"


DRAVEN's debut album EDEN has been released to critical acclaim. Produced by Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Aerosmith, Dream Theatre etc) and released through Cargo Records (AC/DC, Black Sabbath) the record is a concept album based on the theme of "paradise lost" and depicts the world’s fall from grace. Classic Rock magazine described the work as "a sprawling cinematic epic!" and they were right. It plays like a Hard Rock, Star Chasing Spaghetti Western!

The band (Jim Paoli and Frank Paoli on guitars and vocals respectively, Alex de la Fuente on bass guitar and Danny "boy" Wood on drums) have been classified as everything from classic and specialist rock to mega-watt dust rock, star chasers. But they have never tried to be anything else than the contemporary British rock band that they are. Their back ground is as diverse as their music and their passionate sound is directly influenced by their journey together. The band was founded when twin brothers Frank and Jim began a friendship with Alex that would turn into a brotherhood. Later, passing an audition in 30 seconds flat, Danny joined the family.

Before jetting off to L.A to record with Kevin "caveman" Shirley, (an experience they will never forget,) life for Draven consisted of hard core national and international promotional tours and festival appearances supporting Alice Cooper, The Darkness, Skindred and Skin (Skunk Anansie.) Not content to play other peoples festivals, they created their own annual Halloween mini festival known as Draven’s Freakfest. It has been given support by The Stereophonics, Oasis, Coldplay, Simple Plan, Eric Clapton and Paul Weller.

Realising the need to step up a gear, Draven locked themselves away from the live scene (which they relish) to create an album of material that would eventually be produced by the one man who had worked with all of their influences. The man who had produced albums that had motivated the boys to create music in the first place would now be at the helm for their own debut. It had come full circle.

Hailed as a must have, monster of an album with tracks already featured on Classic Rock cover-mounts and winning "track of the day", while also being awarded Rock Radio's "future classic track" award, Draven launch Eden your way - face first! Glastonbury marks them as a "great musical talent!" Guilfest warn that "they will possess you!"

...and so, with the release of the acclaimed debut album EDEN, Draven are set to explode.

Welcome to the show.


EDEN (produced by Kevin Shirley, 2009.)

Available HMV (instore and Online) Amazon, Play, Itunes etc.

Set List

Itchy Finger,
Don't Cut Yourself,
I Don't Care,
You Wont Take Me Down Again,
(these are the tracks from the debut album - EDEN. The band can play any length set that may be needed from 20 mins to an hour!)