Draw Me Stories

Draw Me Stories

 Cardiff, Wales, GBR

Draw Me Stories play an inventive indie/folk-rock. Without a common influence, and heralding from both the UK and France, they create an original sound that brings together strong lyrical narrative, complex rhythms, and occasional smatterings of post-rock experimentation.


If you do not know already, their tale is a curious one...

I heard that young Carl, the singer and guitarist, would often wander Cardiff’s lamplit streets alone, craving poetry and sounds. They say he would have totally succumb to malady had it not been for the genial French bassist, and fellow scholar, Mathieu. Atop his giant Alsatian, Mathieu assured Carl that a new musical collective could free their troubled minds.

Days later, sworn to their vision, the two stumbled across the tattered and soot-covered Samuel, who was, on all accounts, drumming for pennies outside the city library. Despite his poverty, the urchin’s waistcoat was brimming with rhythm – the world was his drum! The two watched him – transfixed - as they felt the final piece of the jigsaw slot into place. They picked him up from the curb, disclosed their vision, and embraced him as a brother.

I tell you, when they play, these three gents sound like a hundred marching men! Despite being steeped in tradition, their music pulls you down gloomy side streets, astrewn with thumping drums, haunting guitars and quivering voices. The name is an apt one too – pictures and colours pulsate from every song and the stories beneath them, each different, stretch and unfold as they are played. Press your ears to the walls, your feet to the floorboards, and feel the boom in your chest as ‘Draw Me Stories’ draw near.


Oars & Becomes The Hunted - Special Edition (2011, Glasstone Records) - notable airplay includes BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio Track of the Week, La Grosse Radio (France)

The Sky and The Mirror EP (2009, Self-released) - notable airplay includes BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio, The Wave Radio, Best of Myspace Podcast

The Plugged Sessions EP (2008, Self-released) - notable airplay includes BBC Radio One, BBC Bristol, Rock One (France)

The Unplugged Sessions LP (2008, Self-released) - notable airplay includes XFM, Nation Radio (Wales), The Waiting Room (USA)