2 person rock band from the back of the classroom


Out of East Vancouver, Drawn Ship is a two-person rock band. They play loud, stripped-down songs with unpredictable arrangements and gorgeous melodies.
At the top of 2010, wanting a break from her band Portico, Lyn Heinemann took her supply of unused songs and called up ex Hinterland drummer Gregg Steffensen. The suggestion was made to keep it a minimal rock outfit but not a typical "duo" thing, in that other musicians could be invited to play when the need arose. The second agreement was to write and record the first album fast, and nine months later the master was being driven back from Seattle in a blizzard. During the recording process at Vancouver’s Mushroom and District Four studios, Drawn Ship had various friends such as Hannah Georgas and Mother Mother’s Ryan Guldemond add further dynamics to the sound. As a result Drawn Ship has been augmenting their live shows with help from Trent Hopton on guitar and vocals. Their first album, titled “Low Domestic” will be released by Scratch Records on September 6, 2011.


LP - Low Domestic