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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States | SELF

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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GoodNightSuiteDreams March 26 2012



What is Dray105? That is a complicated question.The people at his day job have no idea what he really is.In the daytime he is Petty Officer Dondre Axson.He is obligated to blend in and live by the standards of the U.S. Navy.He does it out of necessity but the military is not his real passion.After working hours he is a different animal.Dray105 is a free spirit pursuing a dream. He eats,sleeps,and breathes music. In his world there are no rules and regulations.There are no “standing orders” or “written instructions” on creativity.Its just him and his pen and pad.Nobody looking over his shoulder telling him what to write.Unfortunately, his military career is starting to take a toll on his creativity.Everybody is telling him that he should re-enlist.people say things like its the “smarter,safer,and more responsible thing to do” or “life is easier in the military.the economy is rough out there in the civilian world”.But Axson knows whats in his heart.He is passionate about his music so nothing else matters.He doesn’t give a F*** about playing it safe.Though he has managed to advance very quickly in a short amount of time,his military career has been like a rocky marriage.Its time for something new.For Dray105, 2011(his last full year in the Navy) will be a year of drastic changes.Stay tuned.
What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as an artist?
Color-changing clay dough.I’m still molding myself as a person.So as a result of that, my music is all over the place.I cant make one type of music all the time.I’m hip-hop to the core but i gotta throw in some R&B,some rock,techno,pop,and even a little bit of country if it sounds good.I’m Fluid

How long have you been in the industry?
I don’t even consider myself to be in the industry yet but i have been writing music since age 11.I’ve only been recording since 2006 so I’m still a baby.

Do you have any projects out now?
I am currently working on some mixtapes.Look out for What is Dray105? Vol.1.I also write short stories so I’m working on a book right now.

What inspires your music?
My music is inspired by life experiences and things that my friends have experienced.

Where are you from?
Its kind of hard to say where im from because as a kid i moved around a lot and every place that i have lived is still a part of me.I was born in Dublin,Ga.but after my mom joined the navy we had to move to Fort Worth,TX and then New Orleans and I spent my senior year of high school in Chesapeake,VA.But it seems like no matter where i lived, Virginia has always been my home away from home because ever since i was 10 or 11 i would always come up to Virginia Beach for the summer .I have a lot of family up here.Then after i joined the Navy i end up being stationed in Norfolk.So maybe that’s God telling me that i belong here.i don’t know.

What artists in the industry inspire you the most today?
Jay-z and Eminem are like the two main guys that i try to shape myself around lyrically.

Why is that?
I just grew up studying their music line for line.I would just sit in my room with the Black album or the Slim Shady LP and try to dissect every metaphor and punchline and then i would ask myself “how can i match that?”

What makes you different from other artist today?
I feel like a lot of other artists put these walls around there creativity.I’m the type of artists that’s willing to try anything to create good music.Anything!

What do you want your future fans to know about you?
I never stay the same.

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