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The best kept secret in music


"Complete Package for Stardom"

"Drayton Michaels has a complete package for stardom within the 11 songs on "Low Stress In The Deep End". It's crystal clear pop harmonies coupled with amazing orchestration, smooth as silk production and a writer with a knack for catchy lyrics. One full listen to this disc gives you and insight to all facets of a musician, introspective, soulful and engaging. "Everybody" is just one of the many tracks that would fit nicely on the radio airwaves with it's sing-a-long styled chorus and memorable rhythm. An experienced class of musicians lends a hand on the recording but it's Drayton's pure voice and style that will stand at the front and pave his way. R.I.Y.L.: Rufus Wainwright"
- INDEPENDENTSONLY.com, Monk's Picks - IndependentsOnly.com

"Making Massive Musical Waves"

"Laughing in the face of anyone who says all the best tunes have already been written, EVERYBODY, bristles with a sense of immediateness and unbelievable catchiness that's breathtaking. With a song someone like Rufus Wainwright would probably kill for, this comes across like a slice of classic pop that you can easily picture blasting from radios world-wide over the coming year, a pitch perfect blend between Oasis, Scissor Sisters and Damien Rice - this could well be Drayton Michaels trump card in world domination. LOW STRESS IN THE DEEP END is an album of definite promise and highs, representing the emergence of a singer/songwriter with a genuine talent and bright future. A song like EVERYBODY or GHOSTS OF MANHATTAN, almost floors you with its greatness sounding like the work of someone with the presence to be a global star.. genuine musical gems to proclaim Drayton Michaels as someone likely to be making massive musical waves very soon."
- Mike Bond, UK Music Search - Mike Bond, UK Music Search

"Excellent Body of Work"

"A professional musician since the age of twelve, Drayton Michaels has certainly taken a while to release his first album. Four years in the making, 'Low Stress In The Deep End' is actually well worth the wait. Michaels has experience in jazz, pop, soul and rock and has successfully fused them together into an excellent body of work. In fact there are three songs here which are brilliant: 'Anyway', 'Everybody' and 'So Cautious' all boast hook-filled arrangements and clever structures. Michaels' voice is precise but always emotive and together with a talented array of supporting band members it's hard to believe this is an independent release. For this is an intelligent and infectious record that is strong enough to reach out to both adult rock and alternative fans alike. 4 out of 5"
- Jonathan Leonard, Leonard's Lair - Leonard's Lair

"Avoids the Trappings of the Singer/Songwriter Cliché"

"Sometimes the singer/songwriter format can get damn tired. Especially if you’ve heard the same themes over and over and over again. Drayton Michaels sheds the stereotypes and avoids the trappings of the singer/songwriter cliché with his dynamic formatted album Low Stress in the Deep End. His vocal delivery is incredible with over lapping vocals that really give it a good punch like on the first track, Thievery. Not only are the vocals commanding but indeed the rest of the instrumentation lends its own clenched fist to your sternum knocking you down for a cold night on a bare floor. Maybe that’s what they mean when they call it 'pop'?"
- J-Sin, SMOTHER.net - Smother.net

"Delicately Intense Music"

"Drayton Michaels' voice is the first aspect you notice on the debut from this New Yorker. He procures a subtle depth that doesnt drive itself into you, but lets you immerse yourself in the enthralling timbre. You can let yourself into the music, featuring intellectual lyrics and well crafted songs. Sticking with a mostly acoustic feel ranging from mellow folksy ballad to lightly plugged alt rock, Drayton has created easygoing but delicately intense music."
- Mark E. Waterbury, Music Morsels - Mark E. Waterbury, Music Morsels

"A Great Batch of Intelligent Songs"

"Low Stress In The Deep End has been on our air waves since we opened the mail. A great batch of intelligent songs, well-delivered and with superb backing players. You may not know his name now, but you will... Trust me, radio stations in Dylan's hometown know good song-writers."
John Ziegler (KUMD-FM Duluth, MN) - John Ziegler (KUMD-FM Duluth, MN)

"Strong Hooks and Songs That Can Stand Alone"

"Something that would leap immediately from the speakers as you're caught listening to this his debut album, would be one of diverse pop songs crafted in the mould of a seventies guise. Saying this I should perhaps qualify by adding that he makes sounds filled with a traditional electric guitar/bass/drum feel, coupled with strong hooks and songs that can stand alone and actually make sense. Listeners will certainly be inclined to devour its content readily and return to the table in an effort to have their fill... does indeed feature some truely wonderful moments. 7/10"
Atomicduster - Nick James - Atomicduster

"Deserving of Attention"

"Four years in the making, Low Stress In The Deep End (K9 Son, 2005) is released with humble confidence. Drayton Michaels has practiced his whole life for this moment and the debut just makes the cut. Solo albums just seem to be isolated, and missing that certain something. For me, it's my love of groups-- partnerships, trios, quartets-- and solo artists appear to lack that combined sound. But, this album is gentle and harmonic, with subtle slide guitars and lullabye tones. In Anyway, it's like John Mayer revisited, but with a simple, pretty melody with a flux of female backup vocals to add an air of innocence. With Back On The Ground, Michaels reaches new heights, pushing his lungs to the limit. It's the same as in I'm Not Waiting, where he comes off like a young Freddy Mercury, putting his all into his singing. Low Stress is like a good coming-of-age album that can grow on you over time if you allow it to happen. Further proof: Right By Your Side. Although the closing track, it's the best on all of the album. A calming, nurturing tune, it's fit for a tear-jerker, edge-of-your-seat, gripping lost-and-found, lost-in-love romance flick as the lovemaking scene commences with a sigh of relief and comfort that She has found Him and He has fallen into love with Her. But then think again. At Least competes for standout track, covering all bases with a jazzy, country western rock twist that makes for a sexy two-step. It's tracks like these that have me rethinking my expectations. From Seattle hails the unique black sheep, Drayton Michaels. No grunge, but yet contemporary soft rock. And so there you have it-- Michaels singlehandedly puts out his debut with a gracefulness deserving of attention. 3 out of 5 stars."
Onetimesone - Arie Musil - Onetimesone - Arie Musil

"Everyone Who Likes Great Singer Songwriters Should Really Check It Out"

"Drayton Michaels is one of Seattle’s finest singer songwriters and has finally released his debut record in March of 2005. Drayton mixes so many different musical styles into one package that it amazes me that it all forms a single cohesive yet marketable sound. Jazz, Soul, Pop and Rock all have influenced Drayton in the past and all make appearances on this record. Drayton also escapes the stereotype of the typical singer songwriter being overly boring by writing songs that captivate the listener. Low Stress In The Deep End is one of those records that you can just pop into your CD player and forget that you have it on but when you do remember it’s on you are reminded of how good it actually is. The opening track “Thievery” is such a mellow song with nice acoustic guitars and gentle percussions. Drayton’s voice really shines on this track giving it a very personal feel. Anyway is another one of the songs that sticks out on this record with its smooth soul sound mixed with calm and controlled guitars. Back On The Ground is one of the best songs on the record. It’s got such a nice rhythm to it and is such a funky soul song. Ghosts Of Manhattan is a quieter song that shows a bit more sensitive side of Drayton. It’s a chilling song that is meant to evoke emotion. So Cautious is another song that sticks out on the record. Its got such nice hooks and a real good flow to it you cannot help but like it. The Blues guitar really makes the song special. Drayton has really hit a home run with his debut album and everyone who likes great singer songwriters should really check it out. Rating: 4/5"
- Chris Gartner, The Music Appraisal - Chris Gartner, The Music Appraisal

"Leaps and Bounds Better Than 99% of the Singular Singer-Songwriters"

"Drayton Michaels shows that heir’s ear for pop is impeccable; the malaise that marked the previous tracks has still remained, albeit to the most minor of degree...... parallels can be made to early-era Elton, especially in tracks like “Understand”.... I could conceivably hear them on teen-based TV shows and the like – Lets make this clear: Michaels’ work is leaps and bounds better than 99% of the singular singer-songwriters.... I have total faith in the ability of Michaels to continually innovate and come back in a year or two with a better disc."
Top Tracks: Everybody, Ghosts of Manhattan
- Nu Future - Nu Future


Low Stress in the Deep End (LP)
The Power of Gentile Aggression (LP) coming 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


The debut CD, Low Stress in the Deep End, encapsulates Drayton's skills as a vocalist, composer, lyricist and guitarist. Guest musicians include Dale Fanning, Mike Mussberger (Posies), Keith Lowe (Fiona Apple, David Sylvian), Kevin Hudson (Tuatara) and jazz legend Wayne Horvitz.

Produced by Drayton and Gary Reynolds at Electrokitty Studios in Seattle, Low Stress in the Deep End includes five tracks mixed by Robbie Adams (U2, Smashing Pumpkins). The CD was mastered at Precision Mastering by Ron Boustead.

Low Stress in the Deep End is a collection of 11 songs that span stylistic boundaries from exuberant pop hooks to quiet and reflective. Ever present is the rich warm sounds of acoustic guitar and voice. Along with world class accompaniment, these songs offer a future classic sound.

Read more at www.myspace.com/draytonmichaels and www.draytonmichaels.com