Draztic Meazurz

Draztic Meazurz

 Hartford, Connecticut, USA
BandHip Hop

Draztic Meazurz is hip hop. We have an unprecedented approach to music and we will be heard so buckle your seatbelt and prepare for the bumpy ride you all are about to embark on!!!! THE TAKEOVER BEGINS WITH US!!!!


Draztic Meazurz is a group that consists of two members, Factah and Shadow.
Factah is the smooth yet rapid member of the group, while Shadow is the rambunctious and wild member of the group.
Their individual styles are so different, yet they compliment each other very well, perfect to be exact.
Draztic Meazurz has been a group for 7 years, using that time to perfect their craft and learn the business behind the scenes.
If you are looking for a group with the stage presence of Busta Rhymes, the charisma of Jay Z, the flow of Mobb Deep, and the following of G Unit. You have come to the right place.
Be prepared to be entertained by these exceptional performers who have the ability and showcase their ability to motivate the listeners and touch the listeners in ways music especially hip hop hasnt been able to touch the general public in a long time.
Draztic Meazurz prides themselves on lyrics with meaning and are not willing to compromise themselves or sell their souls, as they call it for anybody, under any circumstances.
With Factah saying "Everyday is a challenge, to stay on the right path, to not make my moms mad, and keep my pops, off my back...." to shadow saying" None of yall was better, you was first, but now we gettin it, need I say more boy, we Draztic, better deal wit it!!!!"
Draztic Meazurz has opened shows for the likes of Nas, Busta Rhymes, Beenie Man, Rell, Foxy Brown, and countless others. They have also performed in many talent showcases, and open mic showcases throughout the tri state area.
Draztic Meazurz will no doubt make an impact on the industry.


We just completed a single entitled "It aint a riddle" produced by Denaun "konArtist" Porter, MC/producer from Eminem's D12 group. We will be releasing that to radio as soon as the mastered version is finished.

Set List

We will be starting our set with History, talk to the crowd for a few seconds, next is Hustlers love it, and that will lead into It aint a riddle, which will lead to she was feelin me, next is my view and my whole life...next a moment of silence, then we go into Why the good die young...then we pick up the pace with The DUCKDOWN(draztic Dance), and end the show with This is just a game.
Our set is about a half hour