Frankenbush meets Billy Klub is DR> Black>man's brain child, the God-Zilla Omen messianic junky breathing his fog of errors, meets the siamese twins joined at the crotch two headed cerebeus like beauty queen guarding the gates to hades oval orifice a lily white tribute to anal retention


the mash pit of satire stirs the gruel of porridge like nags racing to the finish line ending in a dead heat
a homogenized smiley faced bitch slapping.


Frankenbush meets Billy Klub, L. A. Rage, war is a crime, G. W. 's 666 club, Peace is Alive, Palm Springs Getaway,
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Set List

it's a balancing act that is what ever can fit on the tip of our middle finger sought of like Dr. Sues's
Hortons flower and the Who, except our who's are very visible it's a mag of who's who crowding the top dog position a glossy photo op chop shop dog eating dog cannibalizing each other, no blood on thier hands no red meat stuck in their teeth, Nuet Romney revs his Hillary doll and rides her like his long lost sister, and that's a typical set list.