Dr. Dobbe

Dr. Dobbe

 Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA

I'm an acoustic guitar player and singer that plays all kinds of music. I mostly play Classic Rock and a bunch of Country, but I also do some oldies and some new stuff and some blues mixed in for good measure. But my MAIN focus is crowd interaction. I Love to get my audience singing along!!!


I have been playing for 27 years. I started as a Bass player in a variety band and quickly got a better job in a better band that played all over the state. I really enjoyed touring with them and had a lot of good times and played a lot of really cool shows. A change in regular jobs meant having to leave that band but started me on my Solo career. I soon found out that although not everyone can do a solo show , that I was really cut out for this. I had good success locally for quite a while. Then came my big break. I got hooked up with a statewide touring show band. I would open for them and play their breaks. It really kept the crowd "up" and wouldn't leave during breaks. It also gave me two important things. The confidence that I could entertain a large crowd and also the contacts to bigger venues. I LOVE playing for people and bringing some joy to them. If only for a few hours they can forget all the stress life brings, I've done my job. (Secretly), It's brought me a lot of joy too, but you'll see that when you watch me play!!

Set List

I don't have a Set List. I have request sheets with over 300 songs that I pass out to the audience and then I take requests for the whole show. The audience decides what sings I play. No two shows have ever been close to the same. I don't know of anyone else who does this. I also can do "stump the band" type requests as I can usually come up with most songs off the cuff.
For larger venues I adapt what I play to the venue or to what is working.