dr droxy

dr droxy

 Nijmegen, Gelderland, NLD

Dr Droxy => Born at the Dutch coast, feel the endless see and hear the wind, feel the sand between your tows, and experience the vastness of the natural space you live in. It won't take much to be happy.


Dr. Droxy is composing for more than 20 years.
My first 10 albums I had were from Klaus Schulze, I always liked
electronic music. Later in my live I was able to buy better hard- and software to make my music with.
My target is to make "feel good" dance/electronic music, combine the deepness of Classic music with the beauty of modern sound.


1e CD: LIGHT-HOUSE is a soft-style house music CD, the best warm chill-out yet.
2e CD: WALEWEIN (Gawain) a symphonic house music CD, with better composition, deep-house, with some Richard Wagner influences.