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My music is very versatile. I don't like to label it a specific type of hip hop because I can make joints that get you pumped, tracks for when you're down and out and the tracks you can bump with that special someone. It's all about good music.


Dre is an Asian-Canadian hip hop artist who is trying to make his way into a Canadian music industry notorious for their lack of support for their home-grown artists. He first picked up the mic in the early years of high school and eventually took it more seriously. Dre is an avid follower of hip-hop. Before an emcee, he is a fan. He is also influenced by many other genres of music ranging from, rock, blues, funk, soul. He is currently working on his first solo project, hopefully to be released by the end of the summer.


Artist - Dre
Title - TBA
Release Date - Summer 2007