Baltimore, Maryland, USA
BandHip Hop

I am a 23 year old female I've been rapping since I was young I write my own music and would classify myself as rare. My versatility would bring future success. And my passion is music I sleep music, I dream music, I am music, difference from me and them is its a hobby this is my life.


Andrea Renee Winston (Born September 21, 1987) in Baltimore, Maryland began rapping at a young age. Better known as her stage name Young Dee Andrea changed her stage name to match the maturity level of herself and her rap as it has grown. Growing up Drea used rap as an outlet. Inspired by artists such as Jay-Z, T.I., Da Brat, Aaliyah, and Mc Lyte. Drea’s impressive metaphors and unique style lead her to consider herself the H.B.I.C. as well as others viewing her as one of a kind. Dreas drive to be successful is what makes her different. Among many things Drea began featuring on Baltimore's underground artists projects realizing the gift she found within her self is one not to be wasted or shelved, so she began her own project. Being the only female amongst many males her goal was to perfect everything and not fall into a catergory of just another girl. Performing at local bars form Baltimore to D.C. and with the few performances has left an image in everyones head that she's next. From cyphers to freestyles along with writing her own music nothing is impossible except not believing. Determined to succeed and take her talents to another level, with performing and making music as her first passion Drea plans to enter the rap business and continue to make history as one of few female rappers.


Any further contact via email; drea92187@gmail.com or 4109823298

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Drea writes for herself.