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New album The Ladder coming soon! Official date Fall 2014 BOOKING: damalimusik@hotmail.com MANAGER: Gyasi Parkins 570-223-6859 damalimusik@hotmail.com


"The show was great! The guys were very professional and soooo easygoing. They were right on time, had a great soundcheck and were so easy to please in terms of hospitality! Also, the crowd loved them, they really got the audience going and their performance was great. Thank you for all your help, I'm so glad Knotz was able to come all the way out to Keene!"

- Keene State College S.A.C. (message to Knotz' manager following the 4/18/08 opener for Chamillionaire)

300+ venues

Chamillionaire, Common, The Roots, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Ja Rule, Papoose, MF Doom, Rahzel, Immortal Technique, J-Hood, and Fruit Quwan (Grave Diggaz) Nature (The Firm).


“The fusion between hard-hitting hip-hop street lyricism and official rude-boy dance hall flavor.”

Dreadchild of the hip hop group Knotz is finally stepping out with his brand new solo album “The Ladder”. He has performed at well over 300 venues in the past five years along with the group , comprised of blood brothers, Aswad Mikal and the late Mega-Ton, and has supported several major acts including Chamillionaire, Common, The Roots, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Ja Rule, Papoose, MF Doom, Rahzel, Immortal Technique, J-Hood, and Fruit Kwan (Grave Diggaz). Dreadchild is anxiously looking forward to performing his solo works to a wide audience and judging from the vibes emanating from the release of his single "I Don't Make Believe" featuring Nature, his solo act promises to be a must see event. Dreadchild is also a producer, graphic designer and film editor.

Dreadchild, not unlike his group, is on a personal mission to revive the ailing hip-hop scene. Performing with Knotz, he has mesmerized audiences with his dynamic energy-packed performances, blending conscious lyricism and crowd participation to set their live show apart from the current hip-hop fray. Colleges, universities, and commercial venues agree that this group is something special to see live.

In 2007, The Independent Artist Registry named Knotz "IndiE Award" winner for Independent Artist of the Year. Several magazines and industry source books such as The Music Phone Book, Mic Magazine, and An'R Magazine in Australia featured Knotz in 2007.

In 2008, the group showcased at the Millennium Music Conference 12 (MMC12) in Harrisburg, PA in February. The Knotz were selected as a FINALIST for "Best Duo/Group" for the 2008 Central PA Hip-Hop Awards. Members of the Independent Artist Company (IAC) also nominated their song "The Bounce" for the prestigious IAIA 2008 Golden Kayak Award for "Best Hip Hop/Rap Song." 

DreadChild of Knotz and the legendary Nature of the Firm, teamed up to record the single "I Don't Make Believe". The single marks the return of Nature to the game that he had voluntarily chosen to be absent from for some time. This is DreadChild's first solo album apart from the group and blood brothers, Knotz. Knotz have remained independent and prosperous throughout their career. Recently DreadChild noticed that there is a void in the hip hop genre that needs to be filled with something fans want; something he knows that he can provide to the main stream which is why he has chosen to emerge.


2014: Video to "Party In Here" Directed by KC Amos ft joJo Pellegrino, AswadMikal, and John Amos 

2014: Recorded "Party In Here Remix" ft JoJo Pellegrino & Aswad Mikal produced by Scram Jones

2014: Recorded Stained Bladez ft Nature, JoJo Pellegrino & Ghost Face produced by Ill Mind

2013: DreadChild releases single Blood Ink ft Swigga Da Don (Natural Elements) & Scram Jones

2012: DreadChild releases The Definition

2012: Knotz release new single feat. Fred The God Son "Offical Documents"
2011: Dread Child releases new single feat. Nature formerly of the Firm and produced by Don Wil "I Don't Make Believe"
2010 January 13 instrumental to "If Ya Wit It" off of "The Antidote" ep was played on American Idol
2009: DreadChild of Knotz appeared on B.L.A.M DVD's theme song
2008: Knotz single "Come On Baby" ft. Logan and Frenzi selected by SYNCUP for licensing representation
2008: 11 songs selected for inclusion in the IDC catalog for licensing representation
2008: Signed a ringtone deal with Vio Mobile for affiliation with 128+ wireless carriers
2008: Opened for Chamillionaire on April 18 at Keene State College (Keene, NH)
2008: Performed at the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration at Rutgers U. (Newark, NJ)
2008: "The Bounce" by Knotz nominated for "Best Hip Hop/Rap Song" for the 2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Awards
2008: Nominated as a Finalist for "Best Duo/Group" for the Central PA Hip-Hop Awards


Bon Voyage

Written By: (KNOTZ)


How many times, how many rhymes, how many lines you spit, paragraph for paragraph and you ain't say shit-now i'm a eat your shit and we ain't battlin' yo, you playin' super rapper when you're just an average joe- a mediocre cat, with a so-so flow-money is hard to come by, but it's so easy to go-spend your advance while i'm stackin' my doe-you could stay in last place with your first place flow-nigga still on similac and yet he claim's he's a pro-watch daddy buss' yo ass, off to mommy you go-i'm calming your flow-your copy tactics make me comment your flow-I heard it befo-you fuckin' with a veteran yo-and when my brains like the fuse box blown-I black out-talkin's shit around here will get your mouth mashed out-I been nice since UH-OH Sergio Valenti-when tape cassette decks in whips was Benzi -box-your face until your craniums leakin' that what your punk ass gets for slick speakin'-we first place niggaz ya'll just some runners-up, ya'll gat this and pop that-nigga send your gunnaz up rufyinz will come in side and gun it up-for real- and done it up-for real-ya'll know the deal-what?!


Livin' my life the only way-burnin' it up-trail blazin'-nigga trust- I smoke like kings, meditate pon a higher ting/ the fire bring a finer ting/mi mind a sing /bun di pope and hail the king/same time hustlin' danger in the mist/nigga i'm a terrorist under this/ fuck around and be a dead artist/nigga i'm heartless/no regards/ just say i'm regardless/what nigga you lawless/but the robot sling shot will leave you jawless or brainless/ the banger stainless/to carve your rib cages/feel how sharp the blade is/ i made this/ so play this/selector rate this/ no under crate this-Bitch!

Megaton(verse con't)

Kings live lavish not average/soldiers live rugged and savage/niggas who survive can manage/ niggas who can't get banished/niggas who suck dick get vanished/ two can samish/we no like batty bwoy / we no like no faggot/we no friend no pussy hole/we no friend no faggot/kill a pussy hole a so we mek food fi maggots/ you gotta respect that/ can't neglect that/ or that's a set back/ get your head cracked/ catch a med vac/die in the sky/damn what a way to go/ but you tried to play the kid/ so you gotta pay the toll

Aswad Mikal(verse)

I got low mids and highs/ i ain't talkin' bout speakers/ new kicks for whips/ i ain't talkin' bout sneakers/ keep tools and heaters and it don't mean that either/ i spit fire nigga and i meant it it's ether/ i'm cook up/it's the crack of the game/ hail and i rain/ got listeners addicted man/physically/they warn em' not to listen to me/but it's not that easy/reck's beats reelin' em' in/ come on taste it/ drum track/laced it/classic/basic/when the bass hits/like when my gat spits/leaves niggas gaspin'/pain too much for asprin/thank you much for askin/we don't need your backin/me and mega stackin major wealth/ and i'm greedy/so i'll kill you myself/ there's no snitchin'/unless i tell em' myself/don't clash with Mikal/or you won't hear nothin' back/except "BRAP-BRAP"/you on the news when I clap/like nigga did you see that?!/i got a hella team they hella help/niggas better holla help-

Thanks 4 Callin

Written By: Knotz

Aswad Mikal

I'm from the era/ where rap was unforgetable/ five mics/meant incredible/ if you were a legend/ then niggas couldn't get at you/ see dollars get a few/ cop cribs with better views/ better whips/interviews/ here this ain't really news/ Hiphop is pitiful/ ya'll niggas daffy duck/ spit game dispicable/ 07' Okland Raiders/ your straight terrible/ come on/ work on it dudes/ i'm a hall of famer/ coachin you dudes/ call plays/ formation in motion/ makin em move/ like Katrina and them gover cunts do/ Fuck candy cars/ got bigger plans/ invest in African sands/ unite the continent of Africa man/it's Gyasi Aswad/ Wonderful Black/ Aswad Mikal/ What's realer than that!


Sorry if I hurt your feelins/but it's the truth and it hurts/ya'll radio rappers burried hiphop in the dirt/veterans is commin back/ cause ya'll ait puttin in work/ya'll go a lot of nerve/claimin that ya'll puttin in work/we got a lot of false claims/big lames /wit no brains/and big chains/that love to flash chains/this is rap mo fuckers/so what you move caine/next time your ot/re-up your spit game/got the raw uncut/nigga fuck your 16/we got them books full of shit/can't fuck wit my team/ What ever happend to the real and the raw shit/and writtin rhymes all the way past the margin/ and loyalty to the ones who got it started/from the mornin til the sun go down we stay on it/Knotz is hiphop and that's a fact/I'd like to thank ya'll 4 callin us back!

War Cannons

Written By: Knotz

Aswad Mikal Verse

I'm from the block straight to the booth on the ride smoke in the coupe mics on lights on it's studio time watch me transform like Rodimus Prime on on my jo chashing checks when I rhyme if not movin bags of that pine either way getting paid and I'm fine real hustlers put your ones up Mega's a free man put your guns up it's been a long time fighting the case see a DA and spit in his face I'm the judge now I put the gavel down your here this rap style I make murder music like Mobb Deep before G-Unit you here the beat you see what Reck do to it you here the flow that's what mikal do to it and it's all due to it Bully music to microphones we get abussive your translucent I could see through your frame your heart is weak and your crew is the same I got the cubes of Energon for the game


Knotz Transform and Roll Out watch us link up twist up and smoke out when the Ruffians arrive nothings left alive cause we're ready for the war no doubt

Dreadchild Verse

Im ready for any and every enemy who wants to step in front of my optical/ listen/ i'll lock your position from my periferal vision/ steadily clappin the oppostion/ yo im steady holdin' it down/ ready and takin 'position/ attachin' my cannon to send you missle/ the cybertron government issued/ the shit is official/ never miss/one blast/ incineratin' your tissue/soon as it hits you/soundwave is sendin' ravage to get you/rumble the earth/Dino-knotz stomp your face in the dirt/transform and roll out/your face is still in the dirt/transmit and rondevou with my team/the Megaton is on the hill bussin' megatron to make a star-scream/ Mikal whippin' with the gear to the shift/ quick fast in givin' mega a lift/ hit the gas-clutch/ gave it a shift/ cliff jumper steady jumpin' some cliffs/ we dissappear in thin air/ smoke screen em' with piff

Mega-Ton Verse

Every place in mind/ is infested wit crime/I'm on top of my grind/
watchin the signs of the time/They run chills up my spine/ I'm still writtin my rhymes/ my mind is black like I'm trapped in a forest of pine/ I see sparks when I grind/I could never rewind/I trick a trick/ who thinks she slick wit her clever behind/I never pause I never stop and I never rewind/ I keeps it movin fast forward/i'll save me some time/this beat is knockin kid/ Stress/ Reck production homie/ to get you one like this you ain't even got to know me/ just get your mind right/ and come up wit the cash ight/how you a hustler talkin bout your pockets tight/ You could be phony homie/ just get your money right/ It don't matter that you can't walk the streets at night/ all you gotta do is tell em bout some bling that's white/ I bet you they love it/ and they tell you that your shit is tight/ but the real cats will let you know your shit is wack/ there ain't a lot of us/ so not many will tell you that/ let me find out your snithchen I'll spray you with a fuckin gat/ Niggas rappin and tellin/ I never been a fan of that/ you know how many niggas probably end up in the can for that/ I'm a victim of a snitch/ but I fought the case/ got on the stand and looked the coward straight in his face/ I bet you the pussy shit right there in his place/and when he comes home I'll be right there in his face/ and buss it point blank in his face/ and tuck the thing right down in my waist/ and walk away after I ask him how it taste


Knotz Transform and roll out/ watch em' link up twist up and smoke out/ when the ruffians arrive nothings left alive cause we ready for the war no doubt.

Come On Baby

Written By: Knotz

Hook: Come On baby trust me i ain't like them other lames girl, Come On baby I ain't bout them games girl

followed my dreams chased my career caught it now my eyes on you don't mean to stare pardon so beautiful yes but I'm sure hear that often it's true i got others we date and things but right now i want you to build relationships cause by my side you could shine hold my hand I know you held others but not like mine your age don't matter cause you could sop time when we walk down the block chicks an dudes rewind i smile and think just don't touch and your fine i wont degrade or play you like these dudes do he right atire really shows that i'm in to you take you to award shows and interviews trust you around all my dudes so you cost to me means nothing you're priceless I saw you in the window on a pillow when we first met tried you on got a feeling like good sex whats nex?


(1999) Harvest Music "Knotz Landin"
(2000) Damali Records presents "Download: A KNOTZ Project" (full album)
(2002) Insomniac Magazine "Strategic Infiltration" track "Move"(single)
(2002) Dj Celcius mixtape-"Blackout Season"(single)
(2003) Insomniac Magazine "National Hip-hop radio CD" track " How we get down"(single)
(2003) Appearance on "DOA and the Break bandits mix tape" exclusive freestyle - KNOTZ
(2005) Dj Watts mixtape"Tommy's Way
(2006) Dj Captain Celcius mixtape -The Bodonkadonk
(2006) "Poizunous Paragrafz Vol.1" (full album)
(2007) "Black Rain" feat. Najwa (single)
(2007) The Antidote EP
(2007) Insomniac Magazine Radio CD
(2008) "Come On Baby" (single)
(2008) "Words of War" (single)
(2008) The Formula (full album)
(jan 2010)C.P.R Mixtape
(Mar 2011) DreadChild ft Nature "I Don't Make believe"
(Sept 2011) The Ladder (Full Album)

Set List

KNOTZ performs between 15-60 minutes depending on venue requirements. We perform tracks such as: I Don't Make Believe, Official Documents, The Definition, Blood Ink, Thanks 4 Callin, The Bounce, Controversy, War Cannonz, Crime In Da City, Black Rain, BlackOut Season, Move. If there is an event that requires more we also perform tracks from our Poizunous Paragrafz CD, Combat-N-Bombz and Download CD. KNOTZ is able to perform "radio edited" versions of all songs if requested by venue.