Dread Clampitt

Dread Clampitt


Funky Bluegrass fusion. Hipbilly. Blue-eyed "soulgrass"- all can describe Dread Clampitt. With cleverly crafted lyrics & blended three part harmonies, Dread mixes organic humor and true grit livin' with the sounds of bluegrass, rock-n-roll, and some Louisiana Bayou funk thrown in for good measure!


“What does the name name Dread Clampitt mean?” This question has been asked quite often of the band over the past few years. . . and the answer is simply, “It doesn’t really mean anything.” Well, that's only part truth !

Funky Bluegrass fusion. Hipbilly. Blue-eyed "soulgrass" - all can describe Dread Clampitt. With cleverly crafted lyrics & blended three part harmonies, Dread mixes organic humor and true grit livin' with the sounds of bluegrass, rock-n-roll and some Louisiana Bayou funk thrown in for good measure.

"We've played together nine years so by now the right hand usually knows what the left one is going to do most of the time", says Balder Saunders - co-founder and band leader. " You never know though what surprise might be just around the corner."
We started making music in a trailer in Grayton Beach. Our mentor & original founder of the band - Duke Bardwell - hooked Kyle and me up as roommates and Kenny was living and playing music in the area, as well. John came along a few years later.

All of our musical roots run deep. Kenny's mother was a classically trained musician, Kyle's Godfather, Duke Bardwell, played bass with Elvis & many others back in the day. He's a killer songwriter, too. Balder's Uncle Potter was a great picker and songwriter and inspiration to us all.

Dread has made four records and two documentary films in nine years. Our latest release in 2011 is called Learnin' to Live. It was cut in Neptone Recording Studio in Destin. We've been fortunate to play with some of the finest musicians and artists all across this great country of ours. We plan to keep on truckin' and sharing our music with you all. We live to play music - it's who we are. Many of our loyal Dread fans have been with us since the beginning. Just ask them how many Dread shows they've seen!


Dread Clampitt Theme

Written By: Balder Saunders

Verse 1
Dread Clampitt in the house
Playin' a soulfull tune
Picking on the back porch
Writing in the living room
If you see us home
We're cooking on the grill
Selling BBQ sandwhiches
from the hood of a broke down
Coupe de ville

Chorus: you've got to earn
to make your living
you make a life by what you give
you may not believe in kharma
but you can't receive unless you give.

Verse 2
Got a trailer on the beach
Dead cars in the front
but we will get by on grits and grunts
we love to fish, but don't much hunt
we may not hit a home run
but we know when to bunt


Verse 3
It's all about timing, and who you know
you buy those things cause you like them
or they just for show
if you see us home
we're having a real good time
cause we dont care
if we make a dime

Redneck Coozie

Written By: Balder Saunders

Lesson's I've learned or
women I've yearned for
have been my inspiration
like a leaf on a river
life rolls along
Wrote this on the back of
an old paper sack,
and wrapped it around an ice cold beer
its my Drunk driving song

Verse 1
They call this small paper sack a redneck coozie good enough for sheet rockers and painters and floozies
and it keeps these ice shavings from shedding off the bottle, they say "come on Balder hit the throttle" but you know tommorrow morning i'll be coddling a bottle of ibuprofren to chase this hangover away "beer before liquor, never sicker"



CD (2011)
CD (2006)
CD (2004)
CD (2003)

2005 Documentary Film
featuring Dread Clampitt

2010 Documentary
about the evolution of Dread Clampitt

Sam Bush
Cheryl Crow @ The Red Bar
Chuck Garvey - moe
John Herman - Widespread Panic
Junior Marvin - of The Original Wailers
Johnny Hickman-Cracker
Sara Evans
Peter Rowan
The Reverend Jeff Mosier
Jim Lauderdale
Suzy Ragsdale
Xavier Rudd
Guthrie Trapp

Magnolia Fest, Live Oak, FL
Snow Down - Lake Placid, NY
Moe Down, NY
Suwannee Festival, Live Oak FL
The Acoustic Cafe, Hayden, AL
NewGrass Festival, Bowling Green, KY
Americana Music Awards, Nashville, TN
Music City Roots - TN
Earth Day Festival - Baton Rouge, LA
Radio Live Show - WUWF Public Radio

Set List

Dread Clampitt is an Original band playing their music their way.

They typically play two 90 minute sets with a 20 minute break in between.

If they choose to connect with the audience through covers they would play

The Band:
-Cripple Creek
-What a Shape I'm in
-Jemimah Surrender
-Don't Do it

The Beatles
-Get Back
-Don't let me down
-Dig a pony
-I got a feeling
-Two of us

Pink Floyd
-The Wall

Hank Williams SR.
Waylon Jennings
Johnny Cash
Merle Haggard

Genres:, Rock and roll, Old time country, Newgrass, Louisiana Funk, Jazz.

-Redneck Coozie
-Livin' Out Of Leaving
-Twilight Through The Long Leaf Pines
-River Of Tears
-Sisters And Brothers
-Takin' It Easy
-Aint Gonna Worry
-Selfish Dream
-Spring Has Sprung
-Holding The Heavens
-Suite Pain
-Grow Room Punk
-House With Gold Bars
-You Wanna Be A Rock Star ('cause the band drinks free)
-Sittin' In Atlanta
-The Roses
-Stars (are all in Walton County)