Dread Eagle

Dread Eagle


Our music tells it straight and there is no need to translate because it's the only way to communicate... music that teaches the world not to hate, set spirits into a different state and gets everybody up to celebrate because this music won't stop.


Dread Eagle started as the vision of Tony Fair-I. Always dreaming of playing in a reggae band, and not feeling like there was enough live reggae (because you can never have enough live reggae) he began building his vision. He would find his bass player over 400 miles away.

Ian contacted Tony from Tampa, Florida. He played in many indie bands doing shows from Miami to Gainesville and playing everything from hip hop to fearless folk. Dying to play the kind of music he grew up hearing in his household and believing in Tony's vision, Ian moved to Atlanta.

Tony is the guitar player, vocalist and writer of all of Dread Eagle's original songs. Tony spent many years playing on Toronto's reggae scene before moving to Atlanta. Taking influences from George Benson, Peter Tosh, Jimi Hendrix, and Junior Mervin, he infuses gritty melodic lines with solid skank riddims. He wants Dread Eagle to be a driving force in live reggae.

Ian, the bassist, grew up humming Aston Barrett bass lines before he knew what a bass was. His heart as a bassist has always been in reggae. His friends have accused him of constantly being late to everything and have vowed to bring him 1 hour late to his own funeral. Ian's mistake was listening to Barrett, Kim Stone, James Jamerson and wanting to play his bass a little bit before he went out.


Set List

This is a typical set list (1 SET) and not indicative of our entire repertoire (We repeat: THIS IS NOT OUR ENTIRE SONGLIST)

Shine Eye Gal
Universal Language
Ballroom Floor
The Calling
Chase The Devil
Jah Always Knows
Soul Rebel
One Drop / Jah On My Side