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Live On The Radio

Written By: Yashua Ben Yehuda

chorus :live on the radio live on the radio You Can catch me up in in Atl live on the live on the radio live on the radio You can catch me in the 216 live on the radio live on the radio live on the radio You can catch me up in California live on the radio live on the radio live on the radio you can catch me in NEw York City live on the radio.

Verse 1. im live on the radio 6 am with d.j. duckee freedom radio im king spartan and im feeling lucky, give a shout out, jack the ripper co cheise and dj soco funk master flex ev and dj chicago yeah im from the land but i be in the west and in the south yeah call me dreadman let u know wat im about turn tables spinning as i tell the dj turn it up 1079 and 97.5 lets get it crunked, peace to dj zar and wtf radio 216 up in the mix and we about to still the show, now pump up ya stereos or you can get it on the net get live 365 or bear fm in cali they the best.


verse 2. You can catch me live on power hits when im poff in new york tongue twisting like im bizzy bone killing beats and leave em chalked, burning up the internet rotation as my music play im the westside ridah so im on the beat up in l.a. we gone get you moving from the jams that u listen too so why you dreaming we streaming early mornings like the buzzord zoo, im hot like 97 with more tracks then you can ever play, much love to cool herc whoo kid and the homie kay slay, the try to hit the charts but have no skill like dj clue we the best ask dj khalie this is hip hop staying true, im even up on paltalk spinning like im spinderella new world soldiers taking over like jay z and rocka fella


Verse 3:i do this yeah for all the fallen soldiers in the industry 2pac big l jam master j scotler rock pimp c and b.i.g. remember me from stralight hour live up on radio peace to myron grace so check my bio its how i begun, i got you shotta boy and you know i rep that 3rd flow broadc asting music blasting with ratings like howard stern show, even in ythe united kingdom the say that my music play, i got em dancing to the max like dj nixon raving days,can you feel the impulse like dj marks trans effect, how i rip destroying beats on radios at music fests, a new genre of music aint it cool cause i named it R.A.d. its stands for radio and dreadman cause im micheal jackson bad.