Acoustic Epicness.


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Combining subtle hints of metal, reggae, rap, rock, and blues, the acoustic guitar-wielding Dreadnot have created a sound that you won't find anywhere else.

Don't want to take their word for it? Check the comment section on their hit youtube video, "2012" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=012UlEi_0uo)

15,000+ people can't be wrong.

Its hard to tell you the exact number of fans we currently have, considering people from all over the world have liked our music. From Washington, to Texas, to Canada, to France, to Spain.....its just impossible to keep a strict count.

Some places around Richmond, VA we've played:

-Canal Club
-Alley Katz
-Poe's Pub
-Dublin's Pub
-Arizona Joe's

Some colleges we've played music at:
-James Madison University
-Virginia Tech
-Christopher Newport University
-Old Dominion University

but we really want to branch out. Thats where you come in.


Great Train Robbery of Old Virginia

Written By: Matt Minor & Michael Patton

Blue skies hide behind the tall mountain ridge
We slowly take steps over a thin rickety bridge
80 ft. be the drop and the waters running cold
Cross without no problem, let the story unfold
Were just two bank robbers who aint looking for the coin
But a way into remembrance, we wont disappoint
See we stole your horses from your farm on the way
to the great train robbery of old VA....

Break upon the hills with our back to the past
our eyes to the future of the railroad tracks
gotta blueprint in mind painted ever so dark
and a gun at my hip ready to make its mark
hear steel on steel so we jet through the fields
chasing the sound of a grinding wheel
a tumbleweed and dust then the echo of silence
the eye of the storm of a riot

Blind to the rise of the plan we devise
were 27 passengers so cozy inside
ride left side then swing round the back from my horse
then I made it my course to destroy you and yours
nothing in the personal its been from the start
just history in the making and Im playing my part
there were screams and there were bellows saying please dont shoot
take the loot thought they knew that was the reasoning, the truth
we storm through the tears and we thrash through the innocent
shouting that the end is not a threat but the imminent
one man knocked cold and the halls filled with fear
then a voice of concern came from the engineer
open up the cabin barrel aimed at his frame
said the old west is taken over this east side train
no more names, no games, up off your knees, no confessing
for nobody can change the present future that Im stressing

no x3

and then a shot x4

Dreaming of Sleep

Written By: Matt Minor & Michael Patton

Lying in my bed, my eyes peer around
I stir at evey creak
Is something moving?
I flinch but there ain't no sound
Paranoid be the question but i'm second guessing my gut feeling
Being that I am seeing shadows peel around corners up to the ceiling
Maybe a ghost or a thief in the night
Maybe a friend that be looking for a light
Maybe i'm losing my mind over nothing i'm wigging this life that i'm livin ain't right

Dreaming of sleep, dreaming of change
Dreaming at all can't ease the pain
Sometimes it's all we can do

But how am I to sleep with my world under fire?
Sleep's for the weak, the powerless and tired
What exactly am i the inbetween serene beneath the radar safety fiend too scared to touch the wire
The pressure's immense, pencil me in so I can settle within my confines
Time ain't no thing to me, ain't got no place to be, you define free and i'll find a place to hide
You know i cannot sleep with a head like this, inside there be battling fists
all representing conflicting decisions that cut like incisions i'm trying to fix
but dreaming of sleep doesn't ease the pain, sometimes waking up seems to do the same
maybe all that we can do is lay down on the tracks and just try to listen in for the train

Dreaming of sleep, dreaming of change
Dreaming at all can't ease the pain
Sometimes it's all we can do


The Sons of Love and Rage
[Available on iTunes and Amazon]

Set List

1)Great Train Robbery of Virginia
2)Dreaming of Sleep
5)Help if you Can
6)Open Road
10)Lady in White Blues

[All covers are done with our own instrumental arrangements]
1)Nothing but a G Thang (Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg)
2)Gimmie that Nutt (Eazy-E)
3)What I Got (Sublime)
4)On a Boat (The Lonely Island)
5)Black Dog (Led Zeppelin)
6)Here I am (Ronnie Bowman)
7)Colt 45 (Afroman)

And a bunch of other ones we usually take requests for