Dread Pirate Roberts

Dread Pirate Roberts


Dread Pirate Roberts was formed with one purpose. To Rock. With touches of funk, metal, prog, punk and many other genres, Dread Pirate Roberts is looking to take the best of all the worlds and combine them into one magical opus of music.


Dread Pirate Roberts hails from the mighty town of Denver, Colorado. From the ashes of older bands Matt Bergen (lead singer, guitar), Eric Trevino (bass, backing vocals) and Eric Martens (drummer, all around gentleman) formed Dread Pirate Roberts. Looking to fill their sound they sought out Kirk Severson (lead guitar, backing vocals). Now together for over 2 years Dread Pirate Roberts seeks to bring a certain blend of music to the masses. Taking aim at modern rock, they intend to provide a blend of rock through the ages. Dipping into the pools of Rock, Blues, Funk, Swing, Adult Contemporary, and of course wading in the shallow end of Metal. They are chock full of energy, enthusiasm, and some other “e” word emotion. Dread PirateRoberts (will indeed provide you with hours, perhaps even hours and minutes of entertainment.

These scoundrels have performed for 2 years throughout Denver and Boulder playing at notable venues such as: The Bluebird Theater, Herman’s Hideaway, the Larimer Lounge, and the Oriental Theater. They’ve played for audiences of hundreds to audiences of 4 or 5 people, always rocking with the same intensity be there a full house or three people sitting at the bar. They are hard working and always willing to make a show happen. Dread Pirate Roberts has produced a 4 song EP entitled “Killing the Poolboy.”

DPR (let’s drop the formalities) is a very driven and enthusiastic band. They are still are very new band and looking for They are always looking for new avenues to share their music. They believe their unique blend of styles and genres will keep audiences entertained. Variety is key in a band that hasn’t been heard before and DPR promises a good show with a great mix of songs to keep the attention of all who are listening. They are eager to record a full length album and share it with the world.


We have recorded a 4 track EP entitled Killing the Poolboy. Our tracks are streaming on our myspace page at myspace.com/dprband

Set List

Our typical setlist consists of on average 45 min of material. One cover usually a modern rock song. We've played "Zero" by the Smashing Pumpkins, "Stop" by Jane's Addiction, "Four Horsemen" by Metallica, "London Calling" by the Clash and many more. We have about 12 original songs which we mix up between sets. We usually try to play the four songs from our EP which are: Relax & Reload, Tear through the Fields, Scarlet, and Crashing.