Dread tha Ol' Head

Dread tha Ol' Head

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA
BandHip HopR&B

Dread tha Ol' Head, was born and raised in the DC Metropolitan Area. Dread began his musical career in junior high school as a conga player in a local Go-Go Band in Washington DC.

His musical influences include Jazz, Soul, Reggae and the native D.C. sound of Go-Go.


A student of old school hip hop, Dread tha Ol’ Head has been rapping for more years than we care to divulge. Like many in the DC Metropolitan area, Dread’s first exposure to hip hop came from his love of go-go music. This local DC genre leaned heavily on the lyrics of well-known rappers to compliment the rhythmic and percussive sound that go-go music is known for. In junior high school, Dread began his musical career as a conga player in a local go-go band. His powerful voice and infectious personality caused many to encourage him to step from behind the instrument and pick up a microphone and, at the urging of his friends, he began writing his own rhymes. As his love for hip hop music grew, he realized that he was as talented as the rappers whose lyrics they were using, and it was that realization that pushed him to pursue a career in rap music.

His transformation from conga player to rapper came during hip hop’s golden era and his list of favorite emcees includes KRS-One, Kool G Rap, and Big Daddy Kane, to name a few. But, before you write him off as a grumpy old man, you should know that you won’t find tha Ol’ Head sitting around longing for the days of old. Although his early influences include many classic hip hop artists, he still has a great deal of respect for those creating music today. While his personal playlists may lean heavily on the classic albums of the mid-90s, he also searches the internet looking for new music from up and coming artists who, like himself, have chosen to go the independent route.

As he has developed his sound, Dread has carefully studied what makes artists successful and found ways to incorporate those aspects into his own style. It is that love of music that has ensured that his sound is always fresh, and his subject matter relevant. A regular on the local music scene, Dread’s charisma allows him to capture even the most resistant audience’s attention and win them over with his gritty lyrics and catchy punch lines.

In 2011, a joint venture with Kush Boys Studios resulted in the release of The Kushilation. This album, already deemed a classic by some, features songs by Dread tha Ol’ Head, and provides a peek at what fans can expect from his solo album, which is set to be released later this year. As if promoting one album, and putting the finishing touches on another isn’t enough, Dread frequently performs locally, and plans to include shows in Atlanta and Los Angeles this fall.

When asked about his future, Dread says he would like to move into acting and try his hand at comedy. An ambitious goal to be sure, but there is no doubt that this Ol’ Head is just getting started.


A View From the Big Chair
No City for Old Men
Kushilation (2011)
Welcome to Kushville (2012)
Killzone (2012)
Heat for the Streets (2012)