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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Summer Jam Of 2004"

From the first moments, it's goot an infectious beat that I double-dog-dare you to not bop your head to it.
It's like listening to Sugar Ray - except if Sugar Ray could actually sing and write intelligent song and intelligent lyrics.
Very well done, boys. I am imoressed...quite a professional mix, very ready for the radio. Excellent use of effects on the middle 8. - Millbrookmusic

"June 3, 2005 Review (Fly)"

Catchy Chorus
you've got a good hook there...the vocals/lyrics remind me of old smashing pumpkins. cool stuff, maybe just needs some polishing, but not too much that it loses that certain something. - Newport News

"Review 98"

like intro, uncle kracker meets new jim croce (good thing) on the block. that means I like both vocals and lyrics.

cool style. nice hook. can see by 3:37 you won't over use it.


you don't dare touch a thing.

kid, your a rock star if you can make a bloody video to match.
envious... gonna give you a rare 4 or 5 and download for my personal collection if possible. Hope you have more like this.
rob - Zenurecordings


L.Y.F.E. (live,yearn, fulfill, & enlighten)
Ghetto Rockstar


Feeling a bit camera shy


"I love Beyonce, but to listen to her "ring the alarm" song and turn to the left more than 6 x's a day; well, it get's a little boring..." So says one of Dre Allen's Ghetto Rockstar street team promoters as she is pitching to several people on the streets of Macon, Georgia. The young lady and her husband chuckle at the reality of what the team member is telling them. "Radio play gets repetitive with ideas born on corporate tables with the intention of sounding as close to the last million seller as possible, while all the while compromising any form of artistic content in exchange for album sales." Why not try something new?" The bubbly team member stares back at the consumer intently and then without hesitating a full second pops an album into the hand of the young man and says..."Support independant music, the album is only 10 bucks. How many do you want?" What's different about Allen's approach is the way he "gets his hustle on", and here it is...
Allen hits the street corners of every city across the nation with a crew of street team members in a 'Real World' styled RV and thousand's of pre-release records which his team moves into the hands of unassuming consumers on a daily basis. He is currently on a promotional tour crossing the country with an infectious upbeat attitude and a “by us for us..” driven marketing strategy. Dre Allen is an ardent and success driven artist who has a realistic view of the music industry & has come full circle with his past. Mentioning only a few of the tribulations as a young man who endured physical, sexual & emotional abuse, homelessness and a brief stint of incarceration, Allen comes to the table with more than ambition. His fervent lyrics embrace his audience with a passion and a team of professionals that drive his marketing vehicle.
Moving even closer to the reality of breaking into the mainstream market, Allen is currently filming his own reality show for Viacom/MTV networks excutive Jac Benson, whose credited with producing such reality show hits as Making The Band and Run's House. Benson and his associates currently await The Ghetto Rockstar pilot, a show that they know will be another touchdown for the home team at Viacom/MTV.
"The Ghetto Rockstar album is moving into the hands of people who want to believe in REAL music again", says Allen, thanks to the efforts of my team. Allen's music is heartfelt and intriguing with a rock inspired urban influenced soul. In his efforts to break through doors on a national level, Dre Allen calls forth to the base of the music industry. His fans. While perusing his www.MySpace.com/dreallen page, one gets the sense of camaraderie while Allen imbues passion into his poetry blogs. As with his music, his poetry touches on human based needs like love and the drive of a person who only knows how to turn his negatives into positives. As he states in his single ‘Ghetto Rockstar’ “Don’t flex ya muscle, don’t knock my hustle, just cause I get my cash in the streets... I give it to ya 'til there’s nothing left and slang the records out my trunk and keep the bucks myself... Allen is not nearly as green or new to the game as one may mistakenly perceive. After 10 record deals fell through, his persistence hasn't waivered in the least.
When asked where did the drive come from that dramatically changed his life the love child of a pimp & a prostitute to the dedicated and driven musician he is today, Allen states simply that it was the words & experiences that spilled out over the pages of his diaries while locked up that saved him. In a recent phone interview Allen describes this life-altering moment...”While I was at Wayside Correctional Facility in Los Angeles doing a 9 month sentence for robbery, I started singing for all the brothers like me who wanted to hear the oldies...they would give me snickers and cigarettes in trade for my late night jailhouse concerts. I knew then I could make some money in this hustle if I focused upon my release!”
Sure enough, within a year of his release from jail, Allen landed his first record deal with MCA. Since then Allen endured even more complications and set backs due to those record deals but in spite of them managed to enjoy a 4 year marriage to Dawn Robinson from the super groups En Vogue & Lucy Pearl, continue to make new music & develop his style, & increase his stock in Hollywood. Each time a deal fell through it fueled his desire to call the shots on his own destiny. “I didn’t want to be another flash in the pan artist". I sing. I write songs. Songs that have a meaning in a world surrounded by masoginistic, material obsessed, irresponsible themes. "My music is about who I am, not what someone wants me to be.” Since that time Allen credits mentors such as Babyface and Master P in leading him to the decision to take his act independent. In 2001 Allen opened up Movemakers Entertainment. Now with the reality show in development and over 100,000 fans online watching his every move