Drea Love

Drea Love

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Drea Love is a sexy but classy Hot new Pop artist from Atlanta, GA. Check out her youtube page drealove909 for her videos. She will grab your attention..Stay tuned for more www.drealovemusic.com


As a Mississippi/Louisiana native, Drea always knew that she was destined to be a star. At the age of five, she started singing in the youth church choir. During her early years, she performed and earned winning spots in talent shows, leading in city community/school choir. Drea has always been self motivated and willing to learn more about the music industry.

After attending and receiving her B.S. degree in Fashion Merchandising/Marketing from The University of Southern Mississippi, she was very ambitious and in pursuit of a modeling and music career. Now residing in Atlanta, she utilizes her resources to establish herself as a credible artist and entertainer. Performing in talent showcases around Atlanta, she is making a name for herself.

Drea has had the opportunity in working with and being advised by many producers and songwriters. She is featured on the hit song “Don’t Stop the Music” with the National known artist “Da Hooligans”, that is being played on internet radio. Being influenced by some of the greats, Whitney Houston, Teena Marie, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Lauren Hill, Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson, and Brandy among others, Drea has the drive to become very successful. She is blessed to have surrounded herself with positive people that push her to be the best that she can be.

Her sound is rooted from a gospel background but sings different genres such as R& B, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, and Reggae. “I am very thankful and humbled to be where I am today and being able to be in the position that God has placed me in. I just want to put good music out that people can relate and dance to.” Drea states. Her sexy but classy style hopes to bring people to the dance floor and hopes to collaborate with many artists that are out today. Get ready world because “Drea” is here to stay.


Feeling Myself

Written By: Shane Barnabas & Drea Love

Hey mr dj

Can you play my song (while i)

got my t shirt n my panties on

Dancin in my mirror

Lookn at myself (while i)

Touch on my body n lite my fire

Just keep me movn

Dont stop my motion

Im burnin this dancefloor at ur command

You kno u turnin me on

You got the beat so hot-

I wana burn in ur flame while im calln ur name (DJ)


Dont want nobody touchn on my body??

Dont need nobody touchn on my body??

Im feelin myself (4x)

Verse 2

You make it hurt so good

But the sweat so cold

Turn up the heat make my body warm

Turn off your lights no camera action

Now tell me what to do next

Please Dj

Should i drop down low

Should i move real slow

Should i turn like this

Should i bounce that (shhh)

Should i close my eyes

And go round n round-

I wana burn in the flame while im calln your name (dj)


Dont want nobody touchn on my body??

Dont need nobody touchn on my body??

Im feeling myself (4x)

Set List

DJ , Microphone, Dancers, Backup Singer