Tessa and Castle create indie jazz. Dreamboat strives to create a new genre through the fusion of different music styles. They use many different musical elements with unique lyrics to tell their story. They sound like Amy Winehouse meets The Civil Wars.


Tessa Gaston and Castle Kirk have been playing cover songs at coffee houses since high school. Their small hometown, Boerne, knew them well for their interesting takes on popular music. But now, Tessa and Castle are determined to master their own songwriting.

In August 2012, they formed Dreamboat in their new college town, Waco. Almost immediately, the Baylor University students couldn't get enough of their interesting mix of original songs and covers.

Today, Dreamboat is working on their first EP, set to record in late December. They have performed for very big Baylor events, like the Homecoming Parade for over 5000, and they are set to play many more. They also hope to start spreading their music to other cities in Texas.