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"Meet Uproar Artist of the Week: Dreamboat"

When you mix an atmospheric sound, origami and a dynamic duo, you get Dreamboat.

Composed of Boerne junior Tessa Gaston and Castle Kirk, also of Boerne, Dreamboat is one of the musical acts chosen by Uproar Records for representation in the 2012-2013 year. However, they are determined to make sure that they stand out among the crowd.

“They said indie-jazz is not a real thing…but it’s going to be a real thing,” Gaston said in regards to their chosen genre. The band members don’t like comparing themselves to any existing artists, but it do not deny that they have many inspirations.

The duo seeks to turn their art into something more than just music.

“Dreamboat aims to put our roots in Waco as members of this community,” said Gaston about a new idea that they will be incorporating in the future. “By doing so, we’re creating music for the people around us, as well as helping them.”

Their idea will help keep Waco clean.

“What we plan to do is — once a month, if not more — as a band and the people who listen to us, we’re going to go out as friends and pick up trash in different parts of Waco,” Gaston said. “Then we started making these origami boats and started stringing them with fish line in our attic. What we will do is…collect those and make art from this trash that we’ve picked up. It’s all paper litter.”

Gaston went on to say that they plan to give away these origami “dreamboats” at their live shows coming up.

“We want to find our sound more because we are kind of all over the place right now, and to get an E.P. out by spring,” Gaston said about Dreamboat’s goals for this year.

“[We want to] get it to where it’s not effortless, where you can just do the gigs, write stuff, record it… just get into those habits,” said Kirk, lead instrumentalist for Dreamboat.

More information about Dreamboat can be found on the Uproar Records website, www.uproarrecords.com, this week, including a specialized promotional video featuring the duo making the origami dreamboats.

The band performs at Legacy Café and Gallery in downtown Waco “almost every weekend,” Gaston said, and will be performing at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday at Common Grounds as the Artist of the Week. - The Baylor Lariat


Still working on that hot first release.



Tessa Gaston and Castle Kirk have been playing cover songs at coffee houses since high school. Their small hometown, Boerne, knew them well for their interesting takes on popular music. But now, Tessa and Castle are determined to master their own songwriting.

In August 2012, they formed Dreamboat in their new college town, Waco. Almost immediately, the Baylor University students couldn't get enough of their interesting mix of original songs and covers.

Today, Dreamboat is working on their first EP, set to record in late December. They have performed for very big Baylor events, like the Homecoming Parade for over 5000, and they are set to play many more. They also hope to start spreading their music to other cities in Texas.