Dream Central Station

Dream Central Station

 Reykjavík, Capital Region, ISL

Sounds like a train steaming through the gates of heaven


t's been a while since Hashi started working on his own music. Reykjavík's underground musical "wunderkind" started out as part of an Icelandic rock'n'roll teen band, Jakobinarina which all to briefly set out to conquer the world . After that adventure ended Hashi spent his time playing with rock'n'roll band Singapore Sling as well as working on his own stuff, mainly in his head.

Finally, needing to get rid of all the Reykjavik nonsense for a time, he moved to Berlin. Here he found the right space to put some of his ideas together on tape. The ideas quickly became creations and coming home a year later Hashi knew what had to be done.

Last winter was a time spent finishing recording and a whole lot of mixing.
In February, teaming up with Elsa Maria Blöndal from The Go-Go Darkness, they decided to try singing a couple of songs together. The 2 vocal styles & sounds complemented each other to such an extent that they sung their hearts out on the whole album. This is the one you will be hearing any day now.

It won’t be long before the album is out. We will let you know when soon enough.

The last few weeks have seen the duo working hard on choosing the right band, mixing commonly know allies with ex band mates from Jakobinarina.

Important in equal measures – chemistry and quality.

Dream Central Station has finally been born. Nothing less than perfect will be tolerated.


Debut album coming soon!