Dreamchair Music

Dreamchair Music

 San Francisco, California, USA

"Porch stompin' folk blues, beautiful acoustic rock ballads, deltadelic instrumental romps." "Weaving stories through intricate melodies, Dreamchair music invokes an undeniably eerie echoing of the past. Images stir the imagination to come out and play, or to go deeper inside and rest."


Veteran song-writing team David Fortier and Elizabeth Levett Fortier met in the rock band Iowa Tank in San Francisco in 1988. Together they formed Voodoo Motel and played the local SF clubs in the early 90's. After Voodoo Motel, the Fortiers concentrated on writing and recording projects with a variety of musicians, including Carla Kihlstedt and Marcos Fernandes. They teamed up with Robert Duarte to produce a cd of Middle Eastern and Central Asian influenced songs in 1999. The cd, Odalisque (with David playing bouzouki and mandolin as well as guitar), has now been remastered and is again available. Since then Dreamchair Music has returned to David's original, guitar-based, blues/folk songwriting style. The music continues to draw on the Fortier's many influences, from Middle Eastern music to roots rock and Delta blues.


Run Like a Dog

Written By: Elizabeth Levett Fortier

"Talk to me with your eyes," she said and the night was early and blue.
Her star fell offa the roof right then and the motel lights broke through.
"Talk to me with your hands," she said as she got down on the floor.
"The men in this town are all dead,"
she said as I reached back
to lock the door.
"Tell me your secret wishes," she said as the breezes kissed the screen.
"Turn off the lamp by the bed," she said then both of us heard the scream.
"Run for your life, you fool," she said as I grabbed for my hat and fell down.
"Never come back to this place," she said and the rain fell all around.
Run like a dog, run like a dog.
In the pouring rain I must have
walked damned near till day,
before I realized her thieving plan
and then laughed till the rain
died away.

The Reaper

Written By: Elizabeth Levett Fortier

You wake in the night, and something's not right.
You wake in the night all alone.
You lie in your bed,
there's scenes in your head.
You lie in your bed all alone.
Hairs are raisin on the back of your neck.
Something's out there it seems. Something's out there --
bat outa heck --
something cut lose from your dreams.
Step out in the night,
and something's not right.
Step out in the night all alone.
Creep out in the dark,
you feel with your toes.
Creep out to the porch all alone.
Sure as quicksand, deep as madness, somethin's out there, you know.
You scan the distance.
You watch for signals.
Something just suddenly let go.
Listen, children, Reaper comin' over the hill.
Seen him, children, sure enough comin' to kill.
Push yourself out through
the teeth of the dawn.
Look for the things that you own.
Flex and you sweat then you
make up your mind.
He's got you as sure as you're born.
Listen to him, Reaper comin' over the hill.
Seen him, children, sure enough
come for his fill.
Coming for you and your family too.
Put on your boots and go home.
Stalkin for you and your property too.
Get off the phone, now go home.

Running on Stilts

Written By: Elizabeth Levett Fortier

Everyone living, everyone breathing,
All of them moving in space.
Some of them leaving, some of them grieving.
Somehow I’m finding my place.
Sometimes I barely lift up my feet,
Try not to sink in the silt.
Once I could glide on a current of air.
Lately I’m running on stilts.

People that knew me tend to see through me.
Something still stands in my way.
Straining to see through the rain on my window
the road going home through the glare.
Hoping the morning will show me the answer,
Watching for signs through the glass.
Out where the wind blows,
Out where the grass grows,
Is something I’ve known in the past.

Everyone living, everyone breathing,
All of them moving in space.
Some of them leaving, some are still grieving.
Somehow I’m finding my place.
Running after a moving train,
Trying to pick up speed.
Picking my way through the woods at night.
Trying to find what I need.

Steppin' Out

Written By: Elizabeth Levett Fortier

Walking home with the sun going down.
Nothing to do so I’m looking around, I see
neon sparkling off in the dust.
A closer look shows the filth and the rust.
Where’s the action, what’s going on?
What could happen? What could go wrong?
Steppin’ out I’m ready to go.
Something tells me it’s only a show.
Hall of mirrors, laughter insane.
Squeaky waddle, the man with the cane.
Spindly shadows, laughter grotesque,
hands in the darkness – some kind of a test.
Slippery fish dance into the net.
Try not to panic, you know how I get.

High, wide, and handsome, ready to go.
It’s like a stun line, wouldn’t you know.
The glitter, the midway, the laughter of freaks.
I feel like the chickens awaiting the geeks.
Try to swim but I can’t feel the ground.
Somebody catch me cause I’m going down.
Took my chances, I’ll get along.
Made some guesses, I guess I was wrong.


Three Wishes 1993.
A Rope of Feathers 1993.
Carnival Skin 1994.
Odalisque 1999.
Home 2004.
Creek's Risin' 2006.
Odalisque remaster 2007.
The Way Things Are 2011.
Many tracks from these and other projects are available for streaming from our website.

Set List

Typically we play a mix of instrumentals and songs.
Our November set played at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco, went like this...Panhandle Blues, Run Like a Dog, Take Me Along, Time Fades Away (Neil Young), Careless Captain, One Way Streets, Mustang Song, Lean Horse for the Long Ride, The Reaper, Lone Mountain Stomp. Our evening at Cafe Velo Rouge called for two 1-hour sets. It was fun to have the time to play most of our material.