Dreamdate wears their heart on their sleeves. Sweet catchy pop melodies . Full of strong harmonies and honest words. Acoustic folk/country influenced but electric, poppy and fun like the Beatles.


At a recent performance at CMJ, former San Franciscans Mates of State performed a cover of “Why Don’t You Make Me,” a great song by Oakland’s Dreamdate. The endorsement by the popular group is a testament to Dreamdate’s indie pop skills, and like the Mates, the duo of Yea-Ming and Anna win fans with some extraordinarily catchy and personal songs featuring sweet pop melodies as well as more explosive rock-out moments. But while the cover features the Mates’ signature vocal harmonies and some bombastic pop, I found myself drawn back to the original version which is signature Dreamdate: minimal, catchy, awesome.

Formerly a trio with ex-member Emily now residing in Seattle, the twosome met at UC Berkeley as music majors who write songs that don’t sound like the work of music majors. Their songs do, however, seize on Yea-Ming and Anna’s shared love of vocal harmonies to develop a unique and thoroughly engaging melodic sensibility. After a number of shows around the Bay Area and a previous 7”, the band released their excellent debut full length album titled Come Over Now earlier this year on local label Chocolate Covered Records.

Somehow, this band has managed to draw the best of out of number of different genres, mining the sincerity of singer-songwriter lyricism, the fun stripped-down sensibility of garage rock, and the catchy hummamble melodies of indie-pop to create something that feels like a fresh update on retro pop.

That analysis notwithstanding, it all manages to come off sounding effortless, but the balance of sounds is key to making it work so well. There’s something about the raw garagey feel, for example, that allows Yea-Ming and Anna to sing songs about uncomfortable moments in real-life relationships without ever getting too twee. It’s a trait that reminds me of Beat Happening and progeny and while Come Over Now certainly wouldn’t sound out of place on K Records, I think there might be too much fun in this band’s sound for them to fit perfectly in with the Pacific Northwest crew.

-The Bay Bridged


The One I Need b/w Dance Party - 7" pink vinyl (2006 - Self Released)
Come Over Now - Full Length Album (2007- Chocolate Covered Records)
Patience - Full Length Album (2009 - Skywriting Records)

Set List

Our Sets usually run between 25 to 35 minutes long but can be longer if requested. Usually 8-12 songs are played. Below is an example of a typical set list:

How Low Are You?
Tour Song
The One I Need
8 Sleeves
Why Don't You Make Me?
Guilty Pleasures
Have I Told You?
Best Friends
Envious Hearts
Falling Down
Dance Party