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"Review - Dream Delay"

The 11th of the 11th, 2011 was a day that had great anticipation and hype surrounding it. We’ve all at one point made a wish at 11.11am as all the numbers aligned. This day, with its many hypes was the creation of a three-piece Indie-Electro Trio known as Dream Delay.

Their song, “Float on like Stars” featured on the trio’s first self titled EP stood out immediately with it’s dark, and uneasy cords heard within the introduction. As the vocals reverberated through my speakers, I knew almost instantly that I was a fan of this song. The first verse gave off an almost ‘prologue’ vibe to the story they were beginning to tell. Throughout the track, I felt a likeness to ‘Muse’ with the brilliant vocals and strong electronic riffs and beats.

The solid electronic rhythms and effects strengthen as the song progresses, and compliments the killer harmonies and non-verbal vocals that blend seamlessly in the background.

The song is a must-listen for those who can’t get enough of that Electro vibe, with my strongest emphasis on the vocals that will be sure to keep your spine tingling throughout the four-minute track. - Adam Not Eve


Dream Delay EP



Dream Delay are an indie electronic band formed on 11.11.11 in Sydney Australia, consisting of Ernst Carter Jnr (vocals), Toby Shain (keys and bass) and Warren Jackson (drums).

Toby and Ernst went to school together, toured the world singing in opera companies and Cathedral Choirs and played in a few random bands. In 2008 they met Warren Jackson in a chance studio encounter and as anyone who's ever been in search of a drummer will agree, the good ones are hard to find. Which is why the boys knew that finding Warren was the last missing piece of what is now known as Dream Delay. Their music is a delicate mixture of moody electronica, operatic hooks and textured beats that are crafted into a sound that's as heart-felt as your first love record and as brooding and emotive as your first break-up song.

This is the story but the real bio is in the music. They are whatever you want them to be.