Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Two brothers playing Psychedelic Garage Rock & Soul. Lo-Fi. Party Starter Rave Up or Chill Out Room Beach Pop.


Travis & Trevor Wiggins grew up in west Texas. In 2001, Travis moved to Portland, Oregon and played, toured & dj'ed on the west coast D-I-Y circuit with various bands until moving to Honolulu in 2010. Trevor made Austin, TX his base of operations and Toured the USA with all kinds of bands as a bassist and videographer.

While they live far apart, they bridge the distance with audio and visual collaborations via DREAM DRAGONS and their production company Sleepy Cell Labs.


both brothers have recorded and released albums with various bands and projects. DREAM DRAGONS is releasing tapes in vinyl later this year!

Set List

DREAM DRAGONS freak out on stage and bring the fun. They can play loud or quiet. They have psychedelic projections accompanying their live set. get rad.