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Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF
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"Dreamer - Concord EP"

Dreamer – Concord EP
September 26 2012, By Casey, No Comments

Dreamer is probably a band that would normally make me cringe. Thankfully, something drew me to the music and really had me listening. I even got goosebumps on a few parts of their new EP. I gave it a chance and couldn’t be happier with my decision. This band is like a melodic hardcore-ish rock band. I’m not really sure what that means, but I know I like it.

Concord is a 4 track album with 1 of those tracks being an acoustic version of a song from their old album To Be Heard Above The Noise. Despite it being the length of my pinky, it has a lot of depth. The four songs are very distinct in sound, so it’s not boring, and by the time it’s over you wish there was more. Luckily you can get more Dreamer by listening to their first album, or a single they released called Glass Body. Regardless of what song you’re listening to, it’s all very good and I would highly recommend giving them your time.

The song I picked for the YouTube header was one that would be more towards their traditional style, but if that doesn’t immediately tickle your fancy, click on this link right here. It’s that acoustic song I was talking about.

You can find Dreamer on their facebook, find music on their bandcamp, or find merch and their new EP at their online store. - Obscure Silence

"Dreamer - Concord EP"

Concord EP
Written by: TL on 23/05/2012 12:04:27

Despite the fact that the current heat wave hitting Denmark has me somewhat more eager to just lay flat in some grass, staring into the sky and soaking up the sun, instead of labouring over a keyboard, I have on this summery Wednesday worked out a compromise, dragging my laptop with me outside to tell you all of a new band I simply think you must know about. This band is Dreamer, a quintet from Florida who released a new EP called "Concord" earlier this month, and whose music sounds something like Circa Survive, Tides Of Man and Underoath combining some of their best elements.

Enter opener and EP highlight "Bloodmoney", a track that thrives on a simple yet deadly efficient dynamic. Its progressions open with verses that sound like some of the more tranquil Circa Survive moments, with singer Paul Rose laying down some excellent airy melodies - And this sounds brilliant, but what makes the song is how it smoothly-yet-suddenly climbs to a towering, punishing chorus in which the guitars sound like they want to maul you, and Rose's airy cleans turn to a scratched, half-scream the sort of which you will not have heard from many other singers than experts Anthony Green, Tillian Pearson or Jonny Craig.

Following songs "Kairos" and "Static Stars" both see the band exploring even heavier and bleaker moods, and an Underoath comparison must inevitably be made here, with the instruments giving off a similarly desperate vibe, and with Rose alternating his fine cleans with menacing screams comparable to those of UO's Spencer Chamberlain. Although these are not quite as striking songs as "Bloodmoney", both are well-endowed in the refrains department, and you will find yourself eager to both sing along and punch things when returning to them on repeat listens.

What really puts the icing on this cake however, is the closing acoustic rendition of "The Sun", which really allows Dreamer to show that they are easily as potent in a stripped down setting as they are in full band mode, and Rose again stands out with impressive delicacy and power in the different ends of his range. The song rounds of an EP that does an excellent job of introducing listeners to the various corners of Dreamer's soundscape, while leaving them with the strong impression that this sound is one that is more than ready to be scaled up to full album size. It's the kind of disc that really makes you hope that the band can get the necessary traction to get a good LP recording done, because if they do, it seems hard to believe the result can be anything but a monster.

Download: Bloodmoney, Kairos, The Sun (Acoustic)
For The Fans Of: Circa Survive, Tides Of Man, Underoath
Listen: facebook.com/Dreamerfl

Release Date 04.05.2012
Self-released - Tim Larson - Rockfreaks.net

"AlternativNewsConcord EP Review"

mercredi 11 juillet 2012
Chronique Express : Dreamer - Concord (EP)
Comme moi, vous êtes sûrement nombreux à attendre le nouvel album de Saosin. Pour patienter, j’ai trouvé de quoi vous sustenter avec le quintet Dreamer. Officiant dans le même registre que Saosin, il n’aura fallu que 4 titres aux Floridiens pour me convaincre et me transcender. Furieux et explosif sur "Kairos", où les refrains clairs sont fait pour nous faire chanter, ou plus mélodique et progressif sur "Bloodmoney" avec sa fin magistrale qui s’apparente à du Circa Survive, la qualité des compositions est épatante et la voix de Paul Rose est le véritable premier instrument du groupe. On retiendra aussi la déchirante et douloureuse version acoustique de "The Sun", un titre de To Be Heard Above The Noise (EP sorti en 2010) et ce splendide refrain tragique : "we could never go without you, and it’s all because of you were here, but it’s because of us you’re gone". Passionnant et passionné, ce Concord EP fait résolument parti des très bonnes surprises de cette année 2012. Frissons garantis en attendant un futur album, alors on écoute sans plus tarder et on aime à l'infini !

Recommandé si vous aimez : Circa Survive, Tides Of Man, Dredg, Underoath, Saosin

Sébastian D.

Les deux premiers titres de cet EP sont en écoute sur leur Bandcamp.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Like me, you are surely awaiting Saosin’s new album. While waiting for this, I have found the quintet Dreamer. In the same genre of Saosin, it took only four titles from the Floridians to make me a fan. With the furiousness and explosiveness of “Karios,” clear enough for us to sing along, or the more melodic and progressiveness on “Bloodmoney,” with its majestic finish similar to Circa Survive, the quality of the compositions are amazing, and the voice of Paul Rose is truly the first real instrument of the group. Also the sad acoustic version of “The Sun,” a title found on To Be Heard Above the Noise (EP released in 2010), has a splendid, tragic chorus: “we could never go without you, and it’s all because of you were here, but it’s because of use you’re gone.” Exciting and passionate, Concord EP is definitely a good surprise of 2012. We can’t wait for a future release, which we will listen to straight away.

The first two titles of this EP are available on their Bandcamp. - AlternativNews

"Absolutepunk Concord EP Review"

Dreamer – Concord EP
Record Label: Paradyne Records
Release Date: May 5, 2012

You may not have heard of Florida post-hardcore band Dreamer before, but once you let their latest work soak in a little, you’ll remember the name. Though Concord is only a sampler, it’s so soaked with emotion it hardly plays like one: anger, nostalgia, and even bits of regret seep through the music, and whatever volume the band plays at, its sense of tone is close to impeccable.

Opener “Bloodmoney” compresses a comprehensive overview of Dreamer’s sound into four minutes of haunting, furious rock. Deceptively gentle guitar strums and lead singer Paul Rose’s voice carries us through the melancholy first verse before thrusting us neck-first into a slamming chorus that dares you to sing along—that is, if you can handle the intensity. The hints of experimentation on the side, such as the stacatto guitar pulses that show up in the chorus, prove even more immersive.

Once “Bloodmoney” draws you in, “Kairos” sinks its claws right in. The track wastes no time in unleashing its fury, opening with a thrashing bout of sinister guitar and and bombastic rhythms, but beneath the pounding drums, there’s hints of melodies wriggling their way out of the song before bursting loose in a surprisingly beautiful bridge, then being beaten back into submission in the last chorus. It’s neither as memorable nor as immediately captivating as “Bloodmoney”, but it’s a brutally effective three minutes all the same.

“Static Stars” provides a foothold for Rose to let loose some wicked growls, and he steps up to the challenge. It’s perhaps the most unstable track on the EP, swinging between the quiet and the loud at any given moment, and it’s his vocal performance that holds the track together through its peaks and valleys. Structurally, it’s a tad looser than something like “Kairos”, both a strength and a detriment here: Dreamer gets to work with lots of different instrumentation here, and by large they pull every section off, but the track doesn’t build so much as it tinkers before rushing to a conclusion.

The best is saved for last: the acoustic and raw “The Sun” is the most powerful moment on the album and it shows that even without their walls of sound to back them up, Dreamer can still make a powerful musical statement. The song is performed acoustically and so never reaches the thundering rage of the previous three tracks, so it’s just Rose and his guitar running the show. The melodies are painfully sincere, particularly a heartbreaking chorus line that Rose sings the hell out of, and the texture lingers on that strange line between the muddled and the real, faded yet blindingly vivid.

With Concord, Dreamer pull off a nice trick: the whole ride may only last fifteen minutes, but it has all the impact of a full forty. It’s always better to leave your audience hungry for more rather than bloated, and if the four songs here are any indication, these guys have a hell of a main course coming up. - Absolutepunk


"To Be Heard Above the Noise" - June 1, 2010
Digital download available from Bandcamp

"Acoustic Transitions, Vol 1." - July 11, 2010
Featured acoustic track "Sever the Ties."
Digital download available from Amazon, iTunes, Zune

"Glass Body" single - February 2011
Digital download available from Bandcamp

"Concord" EP - May 4, 2012
Digital download available from Amazon, iTunes, Zune



Since forming in 2008, Orlando, Florida’s Dreamer has been known to catch the attention of everyone who has the pleasure of listening to them, no matter their age or their preference of genre. This rapidly continued after the release of their first full-length album, “To Be Heard Above the Noise” in 2009, which was able to turn the heads of many of their now long-term, dedicated fans. “To Be Heard…” was immediately compared to works released by such national acts as Saosin and Underoath, and was followed with non-stop performances at Orlando’s most popular venues. During this time, Dreamer shared the stage with many long-term friends and well-known acts, such as: Broadway, Decoder, Oceana, and Aglacia.

Although Dreamer is known to grasp the heavier side of rock, they decided to experiment with the lighter side of things by featuring an acoustic version of their ever-popular “Sever the Ties” on Paradyne Record’s compilation CD, entitled, “Acoustic Transitions, Vol. 1.” This 2009 release, and the creation of an accompanying music video on YouTube for “Sever the Ties,” created a nationwide and worldwide buzz. Dreamer was not only able to expand their fan base from nearby cities to multiple different countries; it also contributed to their success at gaining a spot at St.Petersburg’s 2011 Warped Tour. This allowed them to perform alongside such national acts as: A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!, and many more.

Dreamer continued to release a four-song EP in May 2012, which encompasses three brand new songs, along with a much-anticipated follow-up acoustic track of “The Sun.” Teaming up with Matt Goldman [Underoath, Anberlin, The Chariot, As Cities Burn] allowed Dreamer to achieve the full-bodied, heart-felt sound they strive to live and perform by. Not only did this EP provide an in-depth view of what they had been working on for the previous two years, it also was released with an intention to expand their horizon and impress anyone and everyone who listens to them. Not soon after, the popular online music forum "Absolutepunk" got news of this and in their review of Concord stated that Dreamer's first single "Bloodmoney" "...compresses a comprehensive overview of Dreamer’s sound into four minutes of haunting, furious rock." For Dreamer, there are no limits when it comes to reaching out to their ever-appreciated fans.