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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Alternative




"Dreamers - “Wolves” music video premiere"

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. In Dreamers' retro-horror clip for "Wolves," some unfortunate and not-so-friendly patrons of a small town bar didn't know their neighbors well enough for their own good.

"'Wolves' is a song about how people can bring you up, bring you down or generally affect you, especially if you care about them," the band told us. "One of our biggest influences is David Lynch, and this video is our tribute to the romantic small-town world of Twin Peaks. It was an absolute blast to film, but beware; it's a freakish tale and it includes violence, romance and death. Remember, kids: If you lie down with wolves, you learn to howl."

"Wolves" is the first single from Dreamers' upcoming album This Album Does Not Exist, which is out November 18. - Alternative Press


Never one to dabble heavily in hallucinogenics (because I’m a saint, duh), I was always curious about what the real deal feels like. Thanks to the way trippy video for DREAMERS’ track “Waste My Night,” my inquisitiveness is partially satiated.

Everyone in this video looks strung out yet stylish. I feel like I’m either living a Dr. Seuss book or experiencing a worryingly drug-fueled Coachella that I never knew due to crippling laziness, a handicapped bank account, and well, geography.

In "Waste My Night" we see Nick Wold (vocals, guitar), Chris Bagamery (drums, backup vocals), and Nelson (yes, just Nelson, you know, like “Madonna) play their smoosh of indie rock, pop, and grunge—they’d like to call the genre “splunge”—over hyper-contrasting colors and entoptic-seeming imagery that perfectly complements the meaning of psychedelic: mind manifested.

We talked to the Brooklyn-based trio about drugs, dreams, and their ever-present sunglasses.

Noisey: You guys are a pretty fashion-forward group. What's the inspiration for your style?
Nick Wold: We like to dress up like we're going to a weird bohemian wedding or something. That way the moment seems more important, like playing music is a special occasion every time. There's not really a deeper purpose, it's mostly JFF (just for fun).

Why did you choose psychedelics as a theme for this video, as well as the band's official website?
The director of the video, our dear friend Frank John Young says it best: "I wanted DREAMERS to resemble time traveling drug addicts in search of a new influence and/or billion dollar record contract penned by the devil himself in a rented pink limo. I think in order to approach that, psychedelics must be at hand." As for the website, it has nothing to do with drugs at all. It's about existing in the cosmos and the STRANGE, SECRET WONDER of the universe.

Your website also allows fans to "Submit [their] dream." What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
Oh. My. Gad. What a question. Trying to compare the weirdness of dreams is like trying to compare the beauty of the stars. How can I pick the weirdest one? I've done everything from sitting up on a cloud-tower chatting with John Lennon, to riding a chairlift over the moon, trying to hold on to doughnuts as they slipped from my grasp. Just last night I was counting great white sharks as they dove upward by the dozen. I love how we alternate back and forth between our normal, ordered lives and the bizarre surreal existence of dreams.

What brought you guys to New York? When did you move here?
Chris and I moved to New York from Seattle at the ripe young age of 18 to go to school for jazz. We met up with Nelson here, who came from Maryland for the music, culture, and activity. It's that bohemian spirit that still exists here, if you look in the right places, at the right moments.

What are the best and worst parts about Brooklyn?
Best parts: The people, wallowing in the absurd meaninglessness of life, and Vanessa's Dumplings (the best deal in town). Worst parts: Wallowing in the absurd meaninglessness of life, high rent, White Castle, and leaving Brooklyn.

The name of your upcoming album is This Album Doesn't Exist. Can you talk about why you named it this?
The whole album is kind of existential, and about the mixing of the real and the not-real. But mainly, I think the title is meant to confuse people: "Does this album exist? Or doesn't it?" people will ask. "And if it doesn't, what are we even talking about?"

Why'd you name this song "Waste My Night?"
So much of the time, people are racing to "make use of every moment" and "get ahead in life." This song is about the opposite of that, those great moments in-between, when you open your eyes and waste some of that precious time.

What makes your music different than your peers?
We definitely didn't make our music to be different, we make it to be good. We attempt to make things that are honest, timeless, and new to us. In some ways we are like our peers, and in some ways we're different. I think doing more, reaching farther, and being the most expressive are the ways that great bands stand out.

There's a lot of different labels floating around for your style of music. How would you categorize it?
We wouldn't categorize it usually, because genre descriptions are really hard, and should only be attempted by trained, sober, well-read professionals. I might say, post-punk cosmic grunge-inspired pop-rock and roll. We need a new word for it, how about "splunge"?

You guys really love sunglasses. Are you going to switch to a more winter-appropriate accessory when it's cold out?
An excellent question. Well, autumn in New York is more like an Indian summer. And the winter brings bright-white snow and biting cold winds, making our sunglasses forever appropriate. But nice try Noisey! - Noisey

"Dreamers Premiere New Song, "Waste My Night" — Exclusive"

Today, GuitarWorld.com presents the exclusive premiere of "Waste My Night," a new song by Brooklyn-based Dreamers.

The track, the second single from the band's self-titled debut EP, is a nostalgic, feel-good tale about youthful optimism.

Its infectious guitar riffs and hypnotic bass — staples of the Dreamers sound — urge listeners to embrace their carefree side as singer/guitarist Nick Wold sings, “Let our worries fade, summer moon is here to stay / Suddenly I’m not afraid; darling, forget about your sea of troubles.”

Drawing inspiration from John Lennon to David Lynch and everything in between, Dreamers are ready to send their kaleidoscopic sound out into the universe. - Guitar World

"Tomorrow's Hits: Falls, Dreamers & Hollyn"


Brooklyn's Dreamers debuted "Wolves (You Got Me)" (Fairfax) a year ago, but the driving track is now growing at alternative radio. Among its champions: SiriusXM's Alt Nation, the leader in plays to date (more than 750, according to Nielsen Music), and KPOI Honolulu (35 plays in the week ending Oct. 19). The three-piece, which has opened for Stone Temple Pilots this year, is recording its follow-up to its 2014 self-titled EP. –Kevin Rutherford - Billboard


"This Album Does Not Exist" (release date 11/18/14)



Prepare to embark on a journey with Brooklyn’s DREAMERS and their unique brand of ‘70s punk meets power pop. Comprised of Nick Wold (vocals, guitar), Chris Bagamery (drums, backup vocals), and Nelson (bass, backup vocals), DREAMERS were first introduced to the universe in November 2014 with their self-released, self-titled debut EP. Their colorfully passionate music tugged at heartstrings and had tastemakers dancing around the room all in one fell swoop, with praise pouring in from the likes of Billboard, Spin, Alternative Press, Vice NOISEY, Guitar World, and major buzz from the blogosphere and HypeM heavy hitters like The Wild Honey Pie, Earmilk and Baeble. The band has already shared the stage with such notable artists as The Vaccines, The 1975, Bear Hands, Walk The Moon, Stone Temple Pilots, Oberhofer, and Broncho. 

Their new single “Wolves” immediately caught the ears of SiriusXM’s AltNation and was placed in full rotation. The song climbed the Alt18 Countdown (based on fan votes) - peaking at #7. It also received spins on KROQ and reached #2 on alternative specialty radio's FMQB and KKBB singles charts.

The band is headed back into the studio this summer to record a follow-up LP to be released in early 2016 via Fairfax Recordings.

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