dreaming of june

dreaming of june


dreaming of june is a rise and fall of heart felt fury and emotion. The style ranges from melodic falsetto whispers to ear shattering screams. Having played around Houston, TX venues and Austin, TX SXSW for the past year, the band has been likened to a hybrid between Incubus and Atreyu.


dreaming of june started as result of three friends doing what they loved the most, creating music. After Henry, PJ and Will jammed around with various bands, they decided to create something solid with their love for music at its core. Jesse Gustin came along and finished up the line up adding his own stylistic nuances to the group. They get inspiration from many different artists and styles ranging from pop to classical influences. To see a dreaming of june show is to see an adrenaline driven love for music and friends.


self titled ep (2008)

Set List

30 min to an hour and growing.