Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen


Monster Pop made of older and newer parts. very acoustically based because most songs are written that way. Not afraid to paint with words.


Life and sound are the main influences. All styles can be mixed because they all evolve from the same language. it is all about communication. The questions asked to fill in this space is how do we set oursleves apart from other bands. We don't bother. Insead we prefer to focus on symbiosis with our listeners because music is communication and communication is the key. Who on earth wants to be played at?


Dream Kitchen self titled- CD collection
Dream Kitchen unreleased-CD collection
3 wishes song- MP3 for streaming
It's Only Love song- MP3 for streaming

Set List

10-12 songs 45 minutes sets when acoustic
Same when rock
or 5 songs all night long when you jam on your badself and no one wants to sleep. 50% originals, but we enjoy doing covers out of context. We leave the original renditions to the actual creators and prefer to simply pay compliments